A Tale of Computer Techs

So, here’s the continuing saga of my computer issues and attempting to deal with techs who can’t (or won’t) fix what’s going on. If your eyes bleed at the sight of profanity, you might want to stop reading right now!

Recapping what has happened so far:

I had a “Franken-puter” rig, probably 6 years old, that finally gave up the ghost back in August. Before that it was showing signs of imminent failure, much like a vehicle that has too many miles under its wheels. I got my data retrieved, including many travel photos, in-game screen-shots, and tons of documents which include drafts of short stories and my in-progress, nearly completed, autobiography. I requested another all-in-one rig which could do everything that my old one did, as I enjoy gaming and wanted to continue recording gaming sessions, as well as scheduling live-streams of my game-play on evenings and some weekends. Unfortunately, the new rig has some issue, either with the CPU, the GPU, or a combination of both. The lame excuse given to me was: “Oh, it must be an issue with the Plays.TV program…some people have had problems using it, so we’ll do some research.” The only thing their so-called research came up with were issues that some people had – back in February of 2015. The issues with in-game recording, for me, started right after I brought the new rig home – in August of this year, just three months ago – so Plays.TV isn’t the issue. So, the next excuse was, “Oh, just download Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) – that should work.” I said, “Wait a second…you can’t tell me why that program isn’t working, so you want to download something else that isn’t going to function properly? Something that will just cause MORE issues?!?” Their response: “Well, it’s always good to have options…” I said, “The only option I will be happy with is you solving the problem, not compounding it!” My comment appeared to go in one ear and out the other, no matter how many times I reiterated my desire for them to fix the internal issue of the computer.

Also, I noted that the components that I’d specifically requested to be installed hadn’t been used, supposedly due to the cost of the two components. The components that I desired, specifically, were the Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 3.2 GHz processor, and the NVidia GeForce GTX 950 graphics card (2GB, GDDR5, 3.0). I was originally going to settle for a GTX 750, but the 950 is superior, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. At any rate, according to the computer techs, both components cost $1k – and that figure is complete and utter bullshit! Cost of the CPU I listed? $205. Cost of the GPU? $190. Where in the ever-living FUCK does the price of $1K come in? My math might not be perfect, since I barely passed basic Algebra back in high school, but seriously…I know for a fact that 205 + 190 doesn’t even come CLOSE to 1,000! Hell, it doesn’t even come close to HALF of 1,000, which is 500 – so where the hell do they come up with such an exorbitant figure? Even some of the better gaming rigs out there can be bought for as low as $850, with the exact same components I listed, so…? I’m not sure what type of scam they’re running at that shop, but I’m definitely not pleased. Then again, there are a lot of business owners and operators out there, who convince themselves that their customers are blithering idiots or complete morons who know nothing. So charming to discover that these jackasses think that way about me! It isn’t the first time that it’s happened in my life, and probably won’t be the last – so don’t be surprised when I say that I prefer to buy things online, LOL!

So, as we speak, the hubster has gone to “the ‘Couv” to see if he can speak to them and get some resolution for this issue, because I’m done. I hate speaking to people who refuse to listen, and mindlessly repeat themselves whilst offering nothing. It’s annoying as hell, I can tell you that! We’ll see if anything is done today, or if I just have to purchase my rig online and get a separate, external hard-drive for my documents and other stuff. Stay tuned for the next part (or end of) this vile, foul saga!

In the meantime – music!

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  1. dancingpalmtrees
    Oct 22, 2016 @ 23:41:15

    Last weekend after much saving and overtime I purchased a Dell Laptop. This Lenovo has been holding out well but may give up the ghost at any time. Believe it or not I’ve yet to open up and start my new baby but it better work otherwise I’ll be putting a curse on the Best Buy and Dell people!!

    I can understand your distress. Ratchet Mofos!! I say we should have the sisters of the Black Witch Chronicles put a spell on them!! Hopefully they will make you feel somewhat better. Standing with you in the Computer Struggle!!

    Black Witch Chronicles Live From Brooklyn 2015!!

  2. Brian Lageose
    Oct 22, 2016 @ 21:22:15

    Maybe it’s just me, but you seem to be slightly irked by this situation… 😉

  3. laurelwolfelives
    Oct 22, 2016 @ 12:46:49

    Whoa! Love the video! I can think of a few people I’d like to send that to. LOL
    As far as the computer stuff…you may as well be speaking Greek 😦

    • sepultura13
      Oct 22, 2016 @ 14:45:06

      LOL – I guess I speak Greek to everyone! Few understand me, even if they’ve experienced the same things in life that I have.

      That’s why I rarely comment on the blogs of others – most people take what I say the wrong way, or completely ignore me empathizing with them.

      C’est la vie…

    • laurelwolfelives
      Oct 22, 2016 @ 14:47:28

      I just don’t understand about computers. You turn them on and they either work or they don’t. LOL
      I wish I was a little more computer savvy but alas, I am not. 🙂

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