Thundery Thursday!

Ah, what an awesome, excellent day! Any day that I wake up to a thunderstorm – yes, we had yet another one – is an excellent day, in my opinion. Fitting that it would happen on Thursday, which is also Thor’s Day to many, and Donnerstag in parts of Europe. No, I don’t need correction with geography; I know which countries are ‘Germanic’ or ‘Teutonic,’ and don’t feel like listing them all! ‘Donner’ means ‘thunder’ in those countries, so…there you have it, LOL

I’m glad that the final debate is over – I want the election to be, as well. So tired of going anywhere online, even in gaming-world, and seeing the same tired, trite, boring, racist, conspiracy-theory-filled nonsense over and over again. So done with it all. Even relevant news gets shoved to the side for the 24 / 7 political sideshow…I’m just done, and have been done since before this month started, LOL! I’m very glad that I get to vote via mail; my ballot should be arriving any day, now. No later than the 25th, according to the Voter’s Pamphlet received two weeks ago!

I’m going to do some recording tests throughout the day and the weekend, both with gaming and with YouTube, so I’ll be a bit busy and somewhat lax with posting…but, I’ll still be around, so don’t expect that I’ll be silent…

With that, I think that a bit of music is in order…so, enjoy these selections! Talk with you all later.


Yachiru is Zaraki’s Zanpakuto! Bankai Powers – Bleach 668

I recently found out that the Bleach series has officially ended…time to find the manga and any anime that was done after the last story-arc that I saw on Cartoon Network! That will take some time…

Daily Anime Art

Bleach 668 raises my expectation as it seems Yachiru is the physical manifestation of Zaraki’s Zanpakuto. She appears as Zaraki lays on the ground with very little power as Byakuya and Hitsugaya try their best to fight against Gerard. Zaraki realises that Yachiru has given Zaraki the ability to unleash his Bankai!

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Are white terrorists not terrorists?

This post is pertinent…excellent question.
Something to think about.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from the USA says about itself:

Why Isn’t There Wall-to-Wall Coverage of The Kansas Crusaders?

17 October 2016

Thom compares the media coverage of the arrest of three men in Kansas who were plotting to harm immigrants with coverage of previous events perpetrated by Muslims. Is the difference in coverage a reflection of the media’s views on race?

By Chauncey DeVega of Salon in the USA:

The Right Wing

White Privilege Wages Jihad: Kansas ‘Militia Members’ Aren’t Considered ‘Terrorists’ Because They’re Not Muslim

The three white men planned to unleash a killing spree and to bomb a house of worship—what should we call them?

October 19, 2016

On Friday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that it had arrested three white men, Curtis Allen, Gavin Wright and Patrick Stein, who as part of a militia group called the Crusaders planned to bomb a housing complex and mosque

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Dr Who

Doctor Who, and Ren & Stimpy…two of my favourite shows, among the few that I watch.
This is great!

Sheldon Kleeman


I’m a huge fan of Tom Baker

I grew up watching Dr Who

Sunday Morings

In between Ren and Stimpy

So I know there’s someone else………


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Stunning Nature Landscapes of Canada

Alaska and Canada both have striking, similar landscapes and scenery…beautiful!


Mark Jinks is a talented photographer and adenturer based in Alberta, Canada. Mark uses Nikon D90 camera, he shoots amazing landscape and nature photography. Jinks travels the Canada, exploring and photographing breathingtakingly beautiful and incredible nature places like waterfalls, lakes, rivers and mountains.

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Strange juxtapositions

ROFLMAO – these are great!

bluebird of bitterness

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This is really good…I like it!

Sheldon Kleeman


When we meet

it’s usually

When a poem

Is present

What we experience

Is a change of ideas

There is a common


There are gray areas

This is how we learn

This is the school of


This is how the

Evolution of man

Will continue

When we meet

With an exchange

Excitement in our eyes

peace in our heart

Come enjoy

Let’s read

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