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The Mysterious Connection Between Wolves and Women (Video)

People are extremely frustrating to me at the moment…must be the impending Full Moon.
Time for this Dog to tap into her inner Wolf, again!

Wolf Is My Soul

October 03, 2016   Source

“Millennia of humans have gathered around fires to hear words that transferred hard-won wisdom and allowed dreams of unlimited possibilities. In a modern world that limits wisdom to ‘facts,’ and women’s access even to those, Dr. Estes has restored the fire-for us all.” Gloria Steinem, author of Revolution from Within.
All strong women who believe the Spirit heals.. who believe in spirituality, myth and medicine of the soul, should read this amazing work. It is a truly profound spiritual testimony to the Wild Wolf Woman within!

A healthy woman is much like a wolf – strong life force, life-giving, territorily aware, intuitive and loyal. Yet separation from her wildish nature causes a woman to become meager, anxious, and fearful.

With the wild nature as ally and teacher, we see not through two eyes only, but through the many eyes of intuition. With intuition we…

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Yes, by all means, vote…just don’t be like the ‘Brexiters’ who sank the future of their country in a fit of pique.

Living Lightly

Hands circle,internationl teamwork concept

The name of this blog is “Living Lightly,” but the topic of this post may veer from my intentions when I first started the blog. However, I must write what’s in my heart even if it means some of you (I hope not) decide to unfollow me.

I’m sickened by the political debacle occurring in my country, the United States. I’m tired of people my age–normally the politically active baby boomers–telling me continually they’ve decided not to vote because they are so disgusted with what is happening.

How did we sink so low?

And how much further can we go?

I’m worried. But yesterday, I discovered my new found concerns really should have bothered me before the crisis in electing a president.

Weekend guests to our home showed me I’ve been living under the falsehood that we are a nation of souls who love one another for our diversity and our…

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Your Third Party Vote Scares Me

A third-party vote doesn’t scare me, but it is an annoyance, much like the so-called ‘undecideds’ who are trying to get 10 seconds of fame on their local news, Twitter, or FB feeds.

I have always taken third-party candidates as seriously as they take politics – which is not at all. One can’t jump out of the woodwork every four years, shouting: “Vote for me – I’m your alternative to the lesser of two evils!”

Drifting Through


Third Party voters. You’re everywhere. You’re young, you’re old. You’re Independents, or you’re disillusioned Democrats and Republicans. There’s a lot of you this time around.

And it scares the hell out of me.

You might think I’m being dramatic. Or experiencing some longest election year ever hysteria.

But right now there is a racist, bigoted, nationalistic, white supremacist baiting, federal reserve illiterate, foreign and  domestic policy ignorant, dangerous narcissist applying for the job of the most powerful person in the world.

And your protest vote could very well be the reason he gets the job.

I get it. You’re fed up. Frustrated. And you’re going to walk into that voting booth in November and vote your conscience.

But I don’t know if we can afford your conscience.

Your moral vote, your election day purity, your clean conscious, they are all luxuries we can’t afford in this election year. Not when…

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Luminous Travel Photography From All Around The World

Beautiful, soothing scenery…it’s very much needed.


Adrian Red is a young Hungarian photographer who spent most of his life in Austria before moving to Dubai. He uses both his talents of web designer and of photographer in his professional career, and shares them with us. From Budapest to Dubai, passing by Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London or Florence, he captures poetic scenes, mostly at night when the centenarian buildings are immersed in sweet lights.

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