3 Saturday Songs…

Just some songs for Saturday…these are where my thoughts turn when I hear some ignorant asshole saying “take my country back” and “make America great again” – these and other travesties are what they seem to desire.

Meanwhile, I’m going to catch up on reading some blogs…and, I was just nominated for another award! I’ll be busy for a few hours – see you all later!

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  1. sepultura13
    Oct 08, 2016 @ 15:50:15

    Too true – the people who repeat it don’t know what they’re saying…and those that truly believe it are the ones I watch out for.

    To me, America hasn’t truly reached “greatness” yet – America has had some epic moments, sure! Still, I want to see America attain what it claims to strive for…a true “melting pot,” among other things! Ending climate change, and protecting our feathered, finned, and four-legged friends should also be done. We can’t afford to have more critters falling into extinction. It saddens me to see so many still on the endangered list…

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