Blog Awards!

The Sunshine Blogger Award has a list of questions to address. With that out of the way…here we go!

First, the rules:

1. Write a post to show your award. (done)

2. Acknowledge the blogger(s) who nominated you. (done)

3. Give a brief story of why you started blogging.
Well, this WP blog is essentially the third blog that I’ve started in the past 15 years. With dedication and determination, it has also been the most successful one, and the longest-lasting! I began blogging to keep an online journal of my thoughts, feelings, and musings in general. Various things in life kept interrupting me in writing my autobiography, so my blogs were, and are, my way of keeping my writing skills fresh and up-to-date.

4. Give advice to your fellow bloggers.
I have no advice to give, as it appears that the majority of my fellow bloggers do much better with connecting and networking than I do – so, my advice isn’t needed!

5. Nominate five bloggers for the award(s) – note that you cannot nominate the person or persons who nominated you!
I have done so, in my own unique way! If you notice the 10 re-blogs that preceded this post, you will see who my nominees are. It’s an easier way to do this, in light of the fact that many blogs that I follow are ‘award-free.’ This is my way of acknowledging their awesomeness, while still honoring their ‘award-free’ status!


6. Answer the questions that you were given, and ask 10 questions of your nominees.

Questions posed:

1. What turns you on the most?
Uh, what? I don’t understand this question…

2. What turns you off the most?
See answer to question #1.

3. How many real friends do you have?
Two, if I don’t count my immediate family or significant other!

4. Are you in school? What are you studying/ what did you study?
No, I’m not currently in school / college / university.

5. What are you most afraid of?
Fear – namely, the fears that others have which cause them to do abhorrent things to their fellow human beings.

6. Do you believe in God?
Which one?

7. Say something about environmental sanitation:
“Something,” LOL. J/K. In all seriousness, I do my best to live with as small a footprint as possible. I use no pesticides or weed-killers, outdoors or in, and love seeing all of the critters that inhabit my yard – yes, even the slugs and snails!

8. What is the best gift you’ve received / would like to receive?
The best gift that I’ve received is my son. He is the only good thing that came out of my first marriage.

9. Water, wine, or vodka?
All of the above!

10. Best food?
I love sushi – I crave it daily!

I have no questions to ask at the moment – if I have a question of a fellow blogger, I will go to their blog and ask them there! Happy Friday / Saturday, everyone…I hope that your day and weekend is going well!

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