Saturday Afternoon Music…

Here are three songs for Saturday…enjoy!


National Museum of African American History & Culture

I watched the opening ceremony…absolutely beautiful.

Scenic Saturday…

Just some pictures I grabbed from the interwebs, marking what has happened this past week – and today marks the opening of the National Museum of African-American History & Culture on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., almost 90 years a I watched the historical opening ceremony…it was beautiful. I’d love to visit it while President Barack Obama is still in the White House – it would be fitting.

My Room Project

I love these…it’s always neat to see where, and how, other people live.


John Thackwray is a talented 30-year-old photographer and filmmaker who was born in South Africa and currently based in Paris, France. For his series “My Room Project”, John travels world to document how youth live their lives.

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Just Saying ~ September 23rd

Happy Caturday

A few furry felines…”Caturday” smiles!

bluebird of bitterness


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Born to Be Wild~

More beautiful photographs of the majestic grizzlies – thank you, Cindy!


“Like a true nature’s child,

we were born,


born to be wild.”


The wild grizzlies in these photos were photographed in The Knight Inlet in British Columbia Canada. The inlet is contained within the largest temperate rain forest on earth and has a thriving grizzly bear population.
The bears live in a remote location reachable only by float plane or small boat. We viewed bears from open air wooden platforms that are approximately 12 feet above the bears. The platforms are similar to bird hides familiar to bird watchers. Access to the platforms is carefully limited and regulated. Platform visitors are accompanied by guides. Purposely approaching wild grizzly bears without such precautions would be extremely dangerous to both humans and bears.

The bears, like this juvenile, are quite focused on consuming salmon and have devised an ingenious fishing method,

they submarine with their eyes open under water, and their ears…

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