Yep…many ignorant people, Americans and non, have been criticizing and name-calling; telling people how they should “properly protest” (or exhorting people not to protest at all). Yet, those same voices were silent when the Klan-affiliated shit-rags “occupied” and vandalized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge…

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  1. Paul
    Sep 23, 2016 @ 11:24:37

    Oh and don’t forget ol Tommy Jefferson who with black folks in the slave quarters, including his mistress, Sally Hemmings, wrote “All men are created equal.” The hypocrisy that pervades this nation’s history is woven into the very fabric of our current being.

    • sepultura13
      Sep 23, 2016 @ 11:30:26

      Exactly…but heaven forbid if you mention it to certain people! They break out the song of “That was in the past – get over it and quit whining!”
      American History classes, to my understanding (and from my memory), are very selective and limited in what is taught. One reason why people are screeching about Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee during the national anthem, and are silent about the Standing Rock Sioux Nation and their fight.

      The first Thanksgiving wasn’t as polite and placid as is told and re-told…never mind the artist renditions which show the (starving) Pilgrims handing loads of food to the Native Americans (who actually showed the Pilgrims how to plant crops)!

      Pilgrims left their homeland to escape ‘religious persecution’ – then promptly began persecuting and exterminating the indigenous peoples here.

  2. Jim
    Sep 23, 2016 @ 11:59:15

    you also have to remember and consider who wrote the Declaration of Independence. all men are created equal … men of education and property. the rest are not so equal. then take a look at the Constitution. ever really look at why we have an Electoral College? it’s because they didn’t trust that the common man could be trusted with a decision as important as who will be the POTUS. (yes I will say white man because slaves and women and Native Americans could not vote).

    ever look at an election ballot? you’re not voting for Hillary or Trump. you are voting for a person to hopefully vote for who you want as POTUS. most people don’t even realize that they particular person is under no obligation to even vote the way you want them to vote.

    ever do some research on what caused George Washington’s death? it’s very interesting but people don’t want to believe it. it’s interesting to read what Lincoln did with the Emancipation Proclamation immediately after he signed it.

    so yes I would freely discuss this and other history issues with anyone because we shouldn’t fear truth rather we should fear lies and those that want to deceive.

    but I will pose one question: what is the difference between protesting by destroying private property versus protesting and looting? the picture that you posted shows the so called “Patriots” dumping private property into the bay. history accounts even state that they even swept the decks and dumped the residue over the side of the ship to prevent anyone from using any of the tea. so why should a protest be loot first then burn down?

    let’s concede up front that the media decides and chooses what we see in the news. let’s also concede up front that what the Patriots did may have also not made a whole lot of sense to some portion of the general public.

    I’m all for someone’s right to protest their Government and unfair treatment. hell, I spent 20 years of my life serving in the US military so you and others can enjoy the right to free speech and demonstrating I openly question why it appears that there is an open hunting season on men of colour. then I ask I who is next? what’s to stop anyone from declaring an open season on say Roman Catholics or Jews or gays or whatever? why the hell is the police shooting all of these unarmed citizens? I must be totally stupid because I don’t get it.

    no American citizen should have to live in fear of our Government or our police force.

    • sepultura13
      Sep 23, 2016 @ 12:12:48

      Tell me this:
      Why do my posts (or reposting other people’s posts) offend you, yet you don’t go do the source with your selective, phony outrage?
      Answer: I struck a nerve with you, yet you want to attack me and my words. You want to attempt to bully or shame me into silence.

      It won’t work, so GTFOHWTS.

      You assume that I have no experience with police officers or military people – news flash, genius, I have both in my family – so don’t you get all fucking uppity with me and tell me that I know nothing of the history of this fucking country.

      I’m tired of people like yourself, living in lily-white land, surrounded by your fucking privilege, telling me and people like me that we don’t have a right to say something because you fucking disagree with it, or the way we say it.

      Take your bullshit politics and inforwars-informed ignorance to Stormfront – you’ll find plenty of like-minded assholes there.
      Final statement: I’ve been registered an independent voter from day fucking one…when I turned 18, the first thing that I did was register to vote. As an INDEPENDENT. In fucking ALASKA.

      I call myself “Unaffiliated” now, due to your Tea-Bagger buddies making a mockery of independence (and Independents) by classifying it as a “Party.” Independents don’t have a party, clique, or group of people who will chime in and pile on – not true independents, at least.

      Fuck off to 1940s Germany, pal.

      • Jim
        Sep 23, 2016 @ 14:17:19

        whoa. slow down. you wanted a conversation or a discussion. your words never offended me and I apologize to you if my words or thoughts offended you. the purpose of a discussion to me is to educate one self and try to understand what someone is saying and why they are saying it. you say I assume certain things about you not having a background in certain areas. OK, that’s fair. I don’t know and I know know because I haven;t seen you mention it before. you say I have white privilege. Ok that’s fair because I do have absolutely no idea what’s it’s like to be African American in this country. and I don’t see where I said anywhere where you or anyone cannot voice their opinion.

        I get it that this is a volatile subject and it’s real easy to offend someone. but I honestly had zero intent on trying to offend you or anyone.

      • sepultura13
        Sep 24, 2016 @ 10:47:04

        No, you slow down. I re-posted something from someone else’s blog, and you decided to attack ME for it. I don’t say anything on your blog when you post your oh-so-hilarious, biased political posts, so you could at least have had the common decency to show the same respect – but being respectful isn’t something that you know how to do. You have your opinions on your blog. Guess what? I have MY opinions on MY blog. Get over it.

        I used the f-bombs to get your attention – it worked – so I’ll close by saying this: My father is 92 – 30 years older than my mom. He fought in WWII, and has yet to be given the medals that he earned. He also opened one of the first Black-owned banks / credit unions in Seattle, Washington – and was successful until whites moved in and sank it.

        I have an uncle that I’ll never meet because he died in Vietnam before I was born. Both sides of my family moved from the deep South to the Pacific Northwest, and have many tales of their experiences whilst doing so – because they did so from the early 1900s on. So don’t tell me that I don’t know the history of the country that I was born in. I know exactly what this country was built and founded on, because my family lived it, and talk about it. It isn’t the revisionist, whitewashed crap that is spoon-fed in schools, both public and private.

        As far as being offended, get it right – YOU were offended by a re-blogged post, which is why you chose to comment on it. Believe me, it takes a lot more than ignorant tripe shat from the mouths of misinformed, privileged whites to get me offended.

      • Jim
        Sep 24, 2016 @ 10:52:33

        you are right. I chose my words poorly and all I ended up doing is insulting and offending. to that I have no one to blame but myself. I apologize to you.

  3. Herneith
    Sep 24, 2016 @ 08:29:54

    Thanks! I nearly spat my coffee all over my keyboard reading that! Keep up the good work!

    • sepultura13
      Sep 24, 2016 @ 10:23:21

      LOL – I think that I took a page out of your book! I’m so done with whites who think that they can tell me how I should feel about things, especially when they use the same tired words over, and over, and over again.

      I was adopted by whites, so I had to hear that shit all of the freakin’ time. I was done with them years ago, and I’m done with people who act and sound like them.

      • Herneith
        Sep 24, 2016 @ 10:27:05

        Yeah, yeah!

      • sepultura13
        Sep 24, 2016 @ 10:50:21

        How have things been with you lately, by the way? Have things at your work settled down some, or is it more of the same bullshit?

      • Herneith
        Sep 24, 2016 @ 11:52:27

        The assholes give me a wide berth now. I do not take shite from anyone, especially white supremacist MFS. It is an ongoing battle which waxes and wanes. It is now in the wane mode. Thanks for asking.

      • sepultura13
        Sep 24, 2016 @ 12:13:12

        It’s definitely an ongoing battle…at least it’s in the wane mode, at the moment! Helps you rest up and prepare for when it waxes again – it’s the 21st century, and we still have to deal with that shite and nonsense! We just have to keep standing tall and fighting the good fight…daily!

      • Herneith
        Sep 24, 2016 @ 12:26:50


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