Little girl blue

Lovely tribute to the late, great, Nina Simone…a sensitive, caring, beautiful soul who left this world too soon.

Hello Darling

A bit of dark mystery to begin your weekend…

Happy Friday…23 September 2016!

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy these selected quotes and a bit of music while I sort some of my latest, in-game screen-shots! Later, gators…and yes, there is an underlying theme.


Stunning Adventure Photography

Ah…I love being able to virtually “get away from it all” – these photos are a great way to do so!


Matt Cherubino is a talented 19-year-old self taught photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Matt uses Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera, he shoots a lot of lifestyle, adventure and travel photography.

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Yep…many ignorant people, Americans and non, have been criticizing and name-calling; telling people how they should “properly protest” (or exhorting people not to protest at all). Yet, those same voices were silent when the Klan-affiliated shit-rags “occupied” and vandalized the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge…

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

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Just… B

Here’s a sentiment that I’d like to share…accept it or don’t; it still shows that I care.


B hopeful, B happy, B cheerful, B kind,
B busy of body, B modest of mind,
B earnest, B truthful, B firm and B fairโ€ฆ
B watchful, B ready, B open, B frank,
B manly to all men, whatever B their rank,
B just and B generous, B honest, B wiseโ€ฆ
B temperate, B steadfast, to anger B slow.

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Just Saying ~ September 21st

This is too true!

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

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