Sunday Screen-Shots!!!

Standing proud

Ah…it’s another nice, serene, relaxing Sunday! I’m doing a little bit of gaming; moderately annoyed and frustrated by the inability to broadcast, or even record, some of the best AvA action during the weekend, but oh well…that’s what happens when utilizing that useless OS known as Windows 10! Whoever thought that Windows 7 needed to be “improved” needs a light tap on the cranium with a 25# sledgehammer, IMHO.

Anyway, enjoy some of these recent screen-shots – I love the way ESO has been evolving in the relatively short time that I’ve played it, and I look forward to the launching of One Tamriel!

Drawn bow

Brandishing a sword

Vigilant on destriers

Kali & Shiva

Waiting at a wayshrine

Avoiding a zerg-swarm

Happy smile

Surly snarl

Pouring a little drinky


Strumming a lute

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