Stunning Travel Photographs

Beautiful travel photography…I’d love to visit some of these places!


Alex Block is a self-taught photographer and adventurer, who has traveled to 50+ countries and more than 100 cities. “My story began a little more than 30 years ago,” he says. “Born and raised in Moscow, school, college, work. Everything is as usual. With one amendment: I love to travel and do it often as possible.”

I travel each time i have a little opportunity: weekends, holidays, even took a sabbatical. More than 5 years I have combined travelling and regular office job from 9 to 18. At the end of 2014 I resigned and began to travel more. This story has no end, it is in the process!

Aoelian islands, Italy

Dubai, UAE

Iguazu falls, Brazil, Argentina

Mykonos, Greece

New York, USA

Stockholm, Sweden

Tbilisi, Georgia

Venice, Italy

Vienna, Austria

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