Full Moon Friday Funtime!

It’s Friday and the Harvest Full Moon is visible for those with clear night skies. Today also marks the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which will make the moon look a little bit darker to those living in Europe, parts of Asia, the countries in East Africa, and most of Australia.

Today would also have been B. B. King’s 91st birthday. Sadly, he passed away on 14 May of last year but his songs are still played regularly on Sirius satellite radio. The “Bluesville” channel is still “B. B. King’s Bluesville” and they still give due credit to the real, true blues artists. It’s a shame that they give that southern redneck Bonnie Raitt too much airplay. That old cunt needs to stay on “the Bull” and every other hick station playing what passes for country music.

The watered-down, washed-out crap that Clapton and other whites play are sorry emulations of a grand style of music which is truly American. The real blues are raw, gritty, and full of heart and soul. If you haven’t lived it, you can’t play it. It’s as simple as that.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Chinese Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival:

Traditional Calendar Seasons

According to the Chinese lunar calendar (and traditional solar calendar), the 8th month is the second month of autumn. As the four seasons each have three (about-30-day) months on the traditional calendars, day 15 of month 8 is “the middle of autumn”.

For the Full Moon

On the 15th of the lunar calendar, each month, the moon is at its roundest and brightest, symbolizing togetherness and reunion in Chinese culture. Families get together to express their familial love by eating dinner together, appreciating the moon, eating mooncakes, etc. The harvest moon is traditionally believed to be the brightest of the year.

For Harvest Celebration

Month 8 day 15, is traditionally the time rice is supposed to mature and be harvested. So people celebrate the harvest and worship their gods to show their gratitude.

I’ll close this post with three excellent songs by the “King of the Blues,” B. B. King.

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