The black celebrity and plastic surgery: Is it necessary to achieve mega success? Singer Ludmilla, the latest to apparently agree, provokes controversy with new nose

Many get “cosmetic” surgery to attain fame. I’m glad that I resisted this nonsense! Fame isn’t what I desire…it never has been.

Black Women of Brazil

capa Singer Ludmilla at beginning of career (left) and recent photo

Note from BW of Brazil: By now, we’re all pretty much accustomed to the routine. A black man or black woman enters the entertainment business. Whether being very attractive, more average looking, lighter or darker-skinned, it seems that eventually, to stay relevant, or perhaps reach the next pinnacle in superstar success, said celebrity undergoes some sort of cosmetic procedure to alter their original appearance. Of course, the most notorious case of this would be the late, great Michael Jackson, who took cosmetic surgery to a new, and many would say, unnecessary level. Jackson’s appearance over the years would prompt some to say that, ‘only in Hollywood/the US can we see black boy grow up to be a white woman.’ But MJ isn’t the only one; perhaps the most drastic but certainly not the only one.

We’ve seen the same…

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