I Survived PAX West 2016!!!

Holy shit on toast, Batman…I survived my first convention! Damn, was it crowded…but it was hellaciously fun!!! Meeting the Bethesda ESO team was a kick in the pants; I got some free game codes to hand out to my niece and nephews, there were some awesome costumes and displays to take pictures of, and I got a few nice T-shirts: one was free; two were not…but the free stuff wasn’t bad at all, LOL!

All four days went by very quickly – which means that I had a great time. Time flies when you’re having fun, after all! The crowds bothered me far less than I thought that they would, and I was happy to see hand sanitizer stations everywhere: outside of the restrooms, near the elevators and escalators, and right outside of the “Arena” – the place in the convention center where consoles and PCs were set up for anyone and everyone to jump on and play whichever game they wanted.

There were even four consoles and four PCs set up in the Bethesda room, all loaded up with the ESO North American (NA) client and the Public Test Server (PTS) – the newest update (12), which introduces One Tamriel and the dueling system, was a ton of fun to test out while they streamed LIVE ON TWITCH, all four days! I got completely rekt by one of the gaming designers, and my smiling face can be seen…it was all too awesome!

Time for me to catch up on some blog reading and writing; test out different in-game settings and recording settings, and check out the options that OSB and Xplit provide if the setting changes don’t work. My new webcam also arrived, so I plan on hooking it up to see how it performs – but only after I get the pictures downloaded from my phone, LOL! I took quite a few that I’m looking forward to posting…I hope that they turn out!

It’s Friday and I’m in a fantastic mood…enjoy this bit of random silliness to get your weekend started! I’ll be making the rounds through your blogs tonight and over the next few days – it’s nice to be back home.


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