Convention Bound!

Short post today, LOL – just enough time to at least acknowledge the beginning of a new month, marked by a New Moon and the annular solar eclipse.

I’m almost packed and ready to go…I’m going to be at the PAX West 2016 gaming convention, being held in Seattle, Washington, through the Labor Day holiday. Filled with anticipation, excitement – and a bit of anxiety, simply because of the crowds. I don’t like crowds much at all, but can manage them when attending an event such as a concert or a motorcycle / classic car rally. Concerts are easier, since most people are concentrating on the band and the music – not their fellow concert-goers. I’ve never been at a major convention such as Comic-Con or Sakura-Con, so I only have the pictures that others take to know what to expect!

I’m hoping to get some sweet swag related to the online game that I play – The Elder Scrolls Online – and, I’m looking forward to some of the events scheduled, like Q & A for some of the designers and developers; a Twitch broadcast, meeting other gamers, and hanging out in general.

Time to finish getting things together…I’ll be taking plenty of pictures; hopefully I’ll figure out how to get them downloaded from my phone! I shall return – later, ‘gators!

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