Fashion, fun and Zodiac!

I’m in an astrological mood today, it would seem…and, the pictures reminded me of some of the more fun aspects of modeling!


Astrology believes that the universe,the moons,the sun and the stars all affect us in most interesting manner and decide our fate. Now here comes the zodiac signs to our rescue and divide billions of people inhabiting this planet into twelve distinct personalities. So tadaaa life is all so simplified  dude. The zodiacs define everything about us like what would a leo like or a libra would loath, how a gemini would be a perfect employee and scorpio a possessive lover! Hey already sounding so much fun? Well wait I am about to tell you your dressing style and going to enhance your already sparkly fashion sense very ‘zodiaky’ way. All the while compiling some very quirky and funny quotes about zodiacs too. So gear yourselves for a fun filled fashionically freakiness!

ACTIVE ARIES  (March 21 -April 19)

Charismatic, independent, confident and energetic Aries women dress very powerfully but with a…

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  1. girlandworld
    Aug 20, 2016 @ 11:59:48

    Thank you so much for posting it.

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