Fry-day Fun: Hi, I’m an ISTP!

It’s a hot day out today, so errands and chores were done early. I wanted to get back inside before the swelter begins in earnest, and avoid the people who decided to take the day off from work in the city and come to the coast! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…

Anywho, I came across this interesting website about the 16 different personality types – I love reading about this sort of stuff – and couldn’t help noting that the stressors for my type were spot on. From the site:

What stresses out an ISTP:
– Tight restrictions and a rigid structure.
– Being in controlling relationships.
– Dealing with irrational people.
– Having to use theoretical or intuitive concepts for a prolonged period.
– Being in an emotionally charged environment.
– Lack of alone time. Too much extraverting.
– Being in a non-challenging work environment.
– Doing repetitive, mundane tasks.
– Not having their personal values respected or validated.

(Hitting the “publish” button too soon sucks, but isn’t a stressor! ROFL)

Those points are very true, at least for me! People who are dismissive or disrespectful of me tend to get a big “FUCK OFF” and a kick out the door. Burning bridges isn’t an uncommon thing for me to do. Something or someone that gets chucked out of my life can pretty much stay out, and I’m happy!

The ways that I relax and / or relieve my stress are also on point:

How to help an ISTP experiencing stress:
– Give them alone time and space.
– Excuse them from some of their responsibilities.
– Let them “get away” from everything.
– Don’t ask how they feel.
– Encourage them to exercise.
– Let them read a mystery novel or do something that engages light problem solving.
– Forgive their out-of-character behavior.

See? I’m actually really easy to get along with, LOL!

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