Joke No More

Excellent poem by Vijaya, shining a spotlight on a real problem.


Joke No More
©August 9th, 2016

By Vijaya Sundaram

Why don’t you do us a favor
And jump off a bridge?
No one likes you, they said.

She made her heart a stone
And wrote a note
And shed no tears
As she walked to the bridge
Fragile and pale
A wraith in the dusk.

And she did what
They had told her to do.
Her life was a mistake,
She said to herself,
A joke, and she was just
Composing its punchline.

A bird soaring into a sky
With wings of lead,
And leg-irons, she sailed
Off the bridge,
The waiting river received her
With more welcome in death
Than any she had seen in life.

And when they were questioned
And prodded in court,
They said, puzzled and innocent,
It was only a joke.
Who knew she’d take
Everything so seriously?



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