This is excellent – a wonderful poem from the creative mind of Vijaya!


©August5th, 2016
By Vijaya Sundaram

Come, lift your hands in praise.
Praise the woman who stands
Smiling, calm, unbent in the gale,
Maligned and slandered.

Praise the steely strength
The resolve that could move mountains
The centre of peace that allows
Her boat to bob on the waves
As she rows, tirelessly
To unknown terrain, but which exist,
For she mapped them out.

Praise the larger purpose
Which is her rudder, and her guide
The larger purpose and the greater good.
Beyond her own needs, the needs of her kin,
Lies the greater good of all,
And she will not be satisfied until
She works till the end of her life for it.

Praise her, and help her.
Guide her, too, for she is not infallible,
And she sometimes mistakes the way.

Praise her, and help her.
But while she has no need of praise,
She has deep need…

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