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It’s time for some music! T. Wayne over at the blog A Joyful Process inspired me with his post about 80s music, specifically mentioning the ‘Piano Man,’ one William Joel. Below are three Billy Joel songs that I like quite a bit, the last one being an homage to Vietnam veterans. Enjoy…

Blind Eye

Very true words, here…something that quite a few need to read and think about!

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Purple Heart Day

My family has many Purple Heart awards…the most recent one was given to an uncle, one of my mother’s brothers, who was killed in action during the Vietnam War.
It’s not a medal that any family really wants – and no, it isn’t as easy as just being handed one…

Pacific Paratrooper

"Wounded Warrior" painting by: US Marine Michael Fay “Wounded Warrior” painting by: US Marine Michael Fay

On this date in 1782, in Newburgh, New York, General George Washington created the “Badge for Military Merit,” a decoration consisting of a purple, heart-shaped piece of silk, edged in silver, with the word Merit etched.  It was to be presented for any one meritorious action and it permitted the wearer to pass guards and sentinels without challenge.   The honoree’s name and regiment were to be inscribed in “The Book of Merit.”

Purple Heart certificate given during the Korean War

Purple Heart certificate given during the Korean War

Only three soldiers are known to have been awarded this medal during the Revolutionary War: Elijah Churchill, William Brown and Daniel Bissell Jr.  The Book of Merit was lost and the medal was virtually forgotten.  In 1927, General Charles Summerall  sent an unsuccessful draft bill to Congress to revive the Badge.

Patch for Afghanistan

Patch for Afghanistan

General Douglas MacArthur took up the cause…

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