Yes, I’m Pagan…

…I have considered myself an agnostic, polytheist pagan with nihilist tendencies for most of my life. That consideration is also wrapped up in a healthy, cynical sense of humour. Still, as I surf the blog-o-sphere I have reached an undeniable conclusion: I’m not Wiccan because witches all seem to be Anglo lesbians – I am not. The same goes for why I will never be accepted as a ‘real’ feminist, and why I don’t fall in with any cliques or clubs. I like my individuality, and if I’m not accepted for not walking in lock-step with everyone else, then so be it. Goose-stepping with everyone else has never been my thing, anyway!

My ‘puter will be ready by Saturday, so I’ll be working on a few posts to get me through to the start of the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy these memes that I found…they are truer to my beliefs (or lack thereof) than anything!

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