My computer died!

I drove that poor old beast into the ground, I fear – so, I have to use a loaner and a laptop until my shiny new “Maximum Overdrive” is built, LOL! It was a 6-year-old “Franken-puter,” which had a RaidMax (TM) Thunder V2 735-W power system, an AMD Radeon GPU (I don’t have the specs of that on-hand, LOL), a 500 Gb hard drive, all slapped on to the original Acer (C) motherboard and using the original “green drive.” It ran on the quad-core Intel (C) i3 processor, and the memory had been expanded to the maximum of 16 Gb. The new one I’m having built will make my old one look like a slug, I think!

My old one finally gave up the ghost on Saturday, literally right after my last blog posts; today is the first day that I’ve had reasonable access to a computer that I can work on, but what in the ever-living hell happened to my WordPress layout?!? What I’m seeing is complete, boring crap at the moment…a blank, grey page with no personality – not like the other layout, with things nicely organized where they should be! Oh, well…at least I’m flexible. I’ll get used to this boring-ass, plain, vast nothingness – I guess it helps other people write better, but it’s mind-numbing, to me! This post will look boring when I publish it, too…no purty pictures for all to enjoy – so sad, so sad…

Anyway…had to drive two hours to Vancouver to drop the dead CPU off and retrieve the data, then decide if I wanted to have a gaming powerhouse built – and that was a pretty easy decision! Can’t wait to see the shiny, new model, especially since it will be attached to a shiny, new curved-screen monitor! I’m tired of fighting glare from the window, since it’s been far more sunny here the past two summers. Also, I just might…MIGHT, mind you – get a new mouse and some better headphones. If I’m going to be live-streaming, I need proper gaming gear!

After discussing, debating over, and finalizing the specs for my new computer, it was time for lunch…and I needed sushi! Had that at a place I would go to after work on Fridays, only two blocks from where I lived. Plenty of leftovers to bring home, which I am snacking on as I type this, LOL! Sushi for brekkies…good stuff!

I hung my Wheel of the Year on Sunday, and realized that I wouldn’t be able to do my Lughnasadh / Lammastide post – but I think that the pantheon forgives me for that lapse, as it was unavoidable. Poop doth occur, after all!

That sums up my weekend adventure – and no, I’m not suffering from gaming withdrawals or anything like that, believe it or not! The weather has been fantastic, and I’ve been out in the garden, out on the beach, or out in the sun-room, sweating on the elliptical and the home gym. Life is good…later, ‘gators!

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  1. John W. Howell
    Aug 02, 2016 @ 10:01:44

    Your old computer sounds like something that would win the Indy 500.

  2. franhunne4u
    Aug 02, 2016 @ 12:53:50

    My old computer died on Sunday, it was about 6 years old … and it died peacefully in my sleep …
    It was ailing for a few months already, so I had a replacement ready and on Sunday I got this one working. Still not really happy with it. But it works and it is a matter of getting used to, I suppose.

    • sepultura13
      Aug 03, 2016 @ 10:22:38

      Agreed – I’m going to have to get used to using Windows 10 whether I like it or not…otherwise, I’m very much looking forward to a computer that won’t crash when I’m attempting to watch or submit a Twitch live-streaming broadcast! I had too many old parts on my other computer, conflicting with the high-speed newer parts, LOL

  3. paulabroome427
    Aug 02, 2016 @ 13:52:10

    Poor ol’ com-pooter. I can’t help but feel a bit of tech sorrow. These machines really put up with a lot and then Kaboom they’re done, burned out, smoked, and junked. Of course, they’re easily forgotten when the shiny, slim, illustrious new model shows up. Ha! 🙂 Glad to hear you’re doing okay!

    • sepultura13
      Aug 03, 2016 @ 10:26:29

      Yes, it was sad to see it dying in front of my eyes! Warnings of ‘memory failure’ and the odd ‘scan your hard drive for consistency’ should have been the clues…well, nobody can say that I don’t make good use of the tools and equipment I own, LOL

      I hope the new, turbo-powered machine is done by Friday…I want to get some serious gaming in, this weekend!

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