There can be no party…

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Art by Rob Goldstein

Art by Rob Goldstein I Weep for My Country

I just saw the murder of Alton Sterling and I’m horrified.

Did two armed police officers really drag an unarmed Black man to the ground and hold him down while one of them pulls a gun and repeatedly shoots him in the chest?

Is this the United States?

What fucking decade is this?

This post was first called “A Weird Kind of Blog Party”.

There can be no party.

There can be no joy until we as a people make this right!

If seeing the connection between hate speech and the brutality of everyday life in the United States makes me politically correct then I am a fucking politically correct liberal and I am in your face and I am saying that if you are a racist get out of my government!

Get out of my country!

There can be no parties.

There can be…

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