Sunday Scenery, Screen-shots, & Songs!

Ah…what a perfect day! The sun is shining, a nice breeze is blowing off of the ocean, and I have nothing scheduled but gaming, relaxing, and eating – chicken soup now; grilled seafood and vegetables later, and beef stew for dinner. I need to plan my meals more often as I begin my exercise schedule, which requires doubling my caloric intake! I currently maintain a healthy weight of 140#, with minimal exercise and eating 2900 calories per day. Putting on more muscle means that I’ll weigh more, so I plan on adding 15# of muscle over the next two years, with daily caloric intake slowly increasing, as needed, to 4500 daily – most of that will be protein (animal, of course), with starches and carbs coming from corn, rice, barley, and root vegetables. The calorie numbers are estimated, I’ll admit: I’ve never been one who measures every little thing that I eat, and I did fine with exercise before. The key for me is, don’t overthink it – just do it! I know who to ask if I need advice…that’s the beauty of the blogosphere!

Enjoy these old bits of scenery, mixed in with some random screen-shots from my game…and, of course, some music! Have a great day, everyone…I hope your respective weekends are going well – if it’s still the weekend for you, that is!

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