Ah, The Love!!!

Wow – when it rains, it pours! Ever since the horrific, tragic events in my home country last week, the Interwebz have been ablaze. People have been mindlessly attacking others, and I’m one of those who has, suddenly and inexplicably, come under fire…and not for anything that I said.

In my “Wordless Wednesday…” post, another blogger that I used to follow and read regularly chose to make a condescendingly congratulatory comment. They essentially, verbally, patted me on the head for “not ranting” about Alton Sterling’s murder. I was still reeling from that, but then the murder of Philando Castile occurred. I was editing my “Still Speechless…” post, saw their inane comment, and responded by saying that I had a full-blown rant in progress – but then I saw what was happening in Dallas, and stated so in my reply. I thought that would be the end of it…boy, was I wrong!

The person then made some plaintive, wailing comment which indicated that A) they really hadn’t bothered reading anything that I’d posted during the past week, and B) they have an issue with American citizens and decided to take that issue out on me. The blogger in question has plenty of American followers, but I guess they figured that I’d be an easy target for their interesting brand of hate. Their last mindless act was to selectively take one line out of all of my comments – the line where I clearly, and rightfully, called them out on their racist attitude – and post said, edited line in the ‘About’ section of yet another blog that I used to follow. No context, no preamble, nothing – just the standard, trollish “poke and run!” I would venture that they are experts in “Derailing For Dummies” – they pulled out all of the stops, I’ll give them that!

I guess a troll needs some attention, so – here it is! For starters: who in the ever-living fuck are you? What sane human being WOULDN’T be ranting over the sight of a 15-year-old boy weeping over the graphic, gruesome murder of his father? What sane human being WOULDN’T be ranting over hearing a 4-year-old girl trying to stay calm after witnessing her own father gunned down before her very eyes by a screeching, paranoid, neurotic, racist cop? A little girl who has to tell her mother, “It’s all right, mommy…I’m here for you…” Holy fucking shit on toast! My lack of a rant wasn’t to make your little fee-fees all full of warm fuzzies, because my blog isn’t about you and your little fee-fees – so save your racist condescension for someone else. I’m not sure what got your Tenas in a twist, nor do I give a shit right now. I dunno; did you cater a dinner for Toronto mayor Ford, then sample a bit too heavily on his special “appetizers?” Are you bored? Is your clique not giving you the attention you think that you deserve? Is your dear hubby having an affair with one (or more) of his endless photography subjects? Or, did you simply forget to take your meds?

Whatever your issue is, I’m not concerned with it. Your elementary-school actions are beyond petty. I mean, seriously – you wouldn’t even post the entire verbal interaction we had regarding that specific comment. You didn’t address it on your blog – you posted half-assed snark in someone else’s blog. In closing, I’ll just say this: If my blog is so offensive to you, then don’t read it. Take your issues to your buddies and complain about how evil and harsh I am. Bitch and moan incessantly about my lack of wanting to engage in the same tiresome nonsense that I’ve heard from your kind, my entire life. I’m sure that you’ll feel all better, after your ass-kissing clique-members stroke you, compliment you and your intelligence, and otherwise engage in the echo-chamber activities that you adore. Me? I feel great after a nice, relaxing weekend in the coastal sunshine!

Back to regular postings, but first: it’s nearly time for the start of the MLB All-Star Game…I need my baseball! Priorities, priorities…

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