When discussing racism, why does the media never question the racist? Globo TV exploits the emotional vulnerability of black children to ‘combat’ racism

This is an excellent article – definitely a must-read! It’s a shame that those who need to read the message the most, are incapable of comprehending it.

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: Infuriated. That’s the word that about captured my mood as I watched a segment on Globo TV’s annual “Criança Esperança” fund-raising program.  Last Sunday, a near four-minute feature aired in the objective was to discuss and critique the effects of racism. For the piece, several primary school-aged children, all non-white, were asked to read pages filled with real racist comments made by various persons and directed at others on the internet. Again, as the tactics employed by this powerful network (number one in the country) in terms of the race issue have been problematic over the years, it should actually come as no surprise that this channel would produce such a piece and actually believe that it’s doing its part to combat racism in Brazilian society. (See video below while its still available. In the event that it is removed, please watch it at…

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