Childhood in the Viking Age

I wonder about the day-to-day lives of many cultures, before religion and other negative influences…definitely a fascinating contemplation.


Imagine being a child in Viking Age Scandinavia. Have you wondered what it would have been like? I often do. In fact, in order to understand a culture and a society, I find that studying those childhood years makes me able to understand the whole culture far better. After all, we all start out as children.

When it comes to the Vikings, or more correctly the Norse, how you spent your childhood would have been dependent on two factors: 1, if you’re a boy or a girl and 2, the social status of your parents.

In the Norse society, you were either a slave, a free man/woman or some kind of nobleman or -woman. These were not necessarily constants. A slave could become a free man or -woman. And a free man, even a noble, could become enslaved. But for most people, I think it’s safe to say that they…

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