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I was nominated for this new award last week and figured that today, the final day of June, was a perfect day to re-post it.

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Monday Musings & Music…27 June 2016

I’ve had a very busy weekend, so I’m currently relaxing and unchaining my brain from the hassles of the terrestrial plane. I’m also working on a shit-ton of posts, so I’ve had to sort them in order of importance and attempt to be somewhat organized in my thoughts, LOL! Some have been on the back burner for some time; others are relatively new, but no less important…so, all in good time!

At any rate, I have yet to post my verbal slaughtering of my fellow gamers, since things keep happening IRL that take precedence! Today, I deferred everything and decided to post three awesome songs, and a few great in-game screen-shots – they essentially sum up my state of mind these past couple of weeks!

I learned that I might have the joy of jury duty during the month of July – I’ve at least been selected to sit in a room all day to see if I get as far as voir dire, at the very least. I have to call a district court number every day, from today until 31 July, to see what is scheduled, then show up based on some arbitrary, alphanumeric, randomly-selected date and time. Stay tuned for all of the fun details on that…goodie goodie gumdrops!

Finally, I have to do a few more tests on my gaming broadcast…there are still many glitches to work through, it seems! It works one minute, then fails the next – pretty typical, though. It’s the interwebs…what can you do?

Time for me to catch up on some reading, writing, and gaming! Enjoy the songs and scenery…I shall return!


Blessed Full Moon and Solstice

Sunday Solstice Eve…June 2016!!!

’tis Solstice Eve…and a beautiful full moon on the first day of summer! Enjoy a bit of music whilst dancing in the moonlight. Also, my gaming schedule has been extended – if you happen upon my live broadcast, share the link and toast me with a drink! More posts forthcoming on Monday…so, stay tuned!


One Year Ago…

…just in case people forgot, having a different skin colour still makes one a target for another’s hatred…




No, I’m not engaging in tiresome “Oppression Olympics,” either – I’m just tired. The family of that racist, scumbag murderer Dylan Roof wasn’t put under the microscope in the same fashion as Omar Mateen’s has, and the FBI let Roof sail under their radar in nearly the same way as Mateen did.

Having brown skin might not be a ‘radical’ act…but it still makes me the target of ‘radical’ hatred. People seem to conveniently forget this, because they’re convinced that racism is somehow, magically gone. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Things will only get worse if we don’t unite and make certain that hateful, miserable, greedy, grasping, racist fuckwad of a Drumpf never sits in the White House.

Protected: Royal Fortress In The Meadow: Part I

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Ah, Orlando…

Speechless, yet again…I’m so tired of hate, and those who spread it like disease.

Friday Funtime & Sepultura’s Slaughtering Spree!

I’ll let the title speak for itself! Enjoy the scenery while I finish up some posts…are you ready for Sepultur’a unchained? I doubt it, so just be forewarned…ROFL

Tuesday Afternoon…Musical Interlude, 7 June 2016

…enjoy this musical interlude while I take a little break from the interwebs. Other people’s poison threatens to infect me, so I need to withdraw for a while. I’ll be back by the weekend – I just need to disconnect.


R.I.P. Prince Rogers Nelson: 7 June 1958 – 21 April 2016

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