TOYS: Nigeria’s “‘Queens of Africa” Dolls Are Coming to America

I sure wish these dolls had been around when I was a child…but, better late than never – and that doesn’t mean I can’t still buy some, now!


queens of africa doll

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Back in 2007, a Nigerian businessman Taofick Okoya struck gold you could say when he founded the “Queens of Africa” doll line with the motto: “Empowering the African girl child.”

The “Queens of Africa” range of dolls highlight various African ethnicities, as well as a variety of African hairstyles (customers may opt for dolls rocking an afro, or alternatively one with braids or braid extensions), reports Forbes.

Okoya’s mission is to spread a message which enforces young black girls their self-esteem, allowing them from an early age to have role models they can relate to. This summer, Okoya and his posse of dolls will travel across several cities in the United States, to meet and greet American clients, while further expanding the Queens of Africa footprint.

‘I got into the doll business by chance. At that time my daughter was young, and I realized she was going through…

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  1. chevvy8
    May 23, 2016 @ 21:37:46

    I heard a similar story on the radio the other day. This lady also wanted her child to have a doll that she could relate to. They’re called Thando dolls.People were calling in, asking what about the boys. Who will be the Black heros to occupy the space of Superman and Batman. I don’t think it’s too late to get yourself that doll😀

    • sepultura13
      May 24, 2016 @ 15:14:45

      The boys have had Black heroes and superheroes for a bit longer than the girls, I can safely say – I made sure to get my son action figures that he appreciated and could relate to!

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