Love a Tree Day May 16th

This is perfect…I was unaware!
Hug a tree today – just be careful of yew, poison oak, poison sumac, and poison ivy! You can hug a cactus, as well…to me, they’re a tree of a sort…

Annette Rochelle Aben


I LOVE me some trees!  If you happen by my house, don’t see my van and wonder where I am?  Check the park first because I am most likely hanging out with the trees.  They are the perfect company for me as we don’t have to be concerned about how we are dressed, how much $$ we have in the bank or our social media stats (hey now).  By merely sharing some space, we give each other what we need, I offer carbon dioxide and the trees return plenty of oxygen.  When I need to talk, they are great listeners and when I am in need of sage, wisdom, trees are happy to share.

Of course, I found, looking through the calendars of special days on the internet that May 16th is LOVE a TREE DAY! When I found out that this day existed, I almost jumped for joy…

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