An Interesting Milestone…

LOL – this randomly popped up in my notifications…I had apparently hit a milestone of 1,337 posts! What is the significance of the number? I don’t understand it! Oh, well – I won’t question it; it’s a milestone and milestones are good, right?

I understand that Mercury’s retrograde transit ends tomorrow, and that makes me happy. I’ve been holding off on doing long posts because of it, especially those that would be taken the wrong way. Getting jumped on for having an opinion doesn’t appeal to me at the moment, especially when I get attacked for re-posting stuff that amuses me. If you don’t like my sense of humour, then that’s too damned bad – I can’t say that I find Jimmy Fallon, Adam Sandler, or Will Farrell funny at all, for example – but I don’t mock or question those who do!

While I wait for Mercury to turn direct again, I’ll catch up on a bit of blog-reading. It also looks as if I’ve let a few awards and quote challenges stack up since the beginning of the year! My motivation and creativity have just been at an ebb as of late, as some family members have been draining my time, energy, and patience.

Here’s a bit of Monday afternoon music while I read…then it will be time to get some food prepped for dinner.

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