Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

Award Rules

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•Write 7 interesting things about you.

7 Things About Me:

1. My Sun sign and my Ascendant sign are Fire, touching on the preceding Water signs…so I consider myself an original ‘Steam-punk!’

2. I have done runway modeling.

3. My face was used to model a character in a well-known PC/Mac/console game, but altered enough so that I don’t get any royalties. I was paid $250.

4. I worked on-air in radio – and hope to do so again. One thing for certain: I’d build my own radio station if I won that insanely huge PowerBall lottery!

5. If I had to choose between ending racism or sexism with a snap of my fingers, I’d end racism in a flat second.

6. I’m an intense, introspective introvert.

7. I’m self-aware, self-driven, self-confident…and mildly self-conscious!


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