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I was given these two awards in quick succession. I though they were the supportive actions of kind people, but found out otherwise.

When people bombard you with these things, it is safe to say that they have a lot of spare time on their hands. The institutionalized come to mind.


The rules for both the ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Sisterhood’ awards are similar so I combined them into one post.

The Sunshine / Sisterhood blogger awards rules:

• Thank the person who nominated you.
• Answer the 11 questions given.
• Nominate 11 bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer.

1. What drew you to blogging? (I’m recycling this one because it’s a great question!)

Many things. I love to write and keep daily journals, so blogging is just one way of doing so. I’m working on my autobiography and blogging is a way to take a break from it and shift my focus. Writing about one’s life is difficult, especially when there are some painful moments, but it is a healing poultice as well. I’ve been blogging for a little over 10 years, but my WordPress blog is the one that I’m the happiest with. The third time was the charm, it would seem.

2. What sparked your Great Adventure on your current path?

Being stuck in a job that was going nowhere. I wanted to work towards a career in that field, but was hindered by co-workers and so-called supervisors. I realized that I was never going to get ahead in that corporation no matter how hard I worked, so being let go was a blessing in disguise. I moved away from the city and my health has improved as a result.

3. Who do you gain the most inspiration from?


4. If you could be anything in the world, what would it be?

An undersea volcano.

5. Your favorite way to relax and unwind?

Listening to good music and dancing like a maniac, or watching something funny and laughing like a fool.

6. There’s a bug in your house… Squish it or save it?

Save it, especially if it’s a spider.

7. If someone double-dog dared you to do something ridiculous and possibly embarrassing, but not harmful, would you do it?

Yes, but it would depend on who is daring me and the location of the dare.

8. Your favorite element?


9. Name one place you’ve never been but would love to visit.

New Zealand.

10. What’s your favorite song and why do you love it?

This question is tough since I enjoy a number of different songs. If I had to pick one off of the top of my head though, it would be “The Voice” by The Moody Blues. It has so much going on in it musically, and the lyrics are always uplifting and inspiring to me.

11. What’s your ‘guilty pleasure’?

Cannabis Sativa.

I can’t think of any good questions because I would want to ask each person 11 questions that are unique to them. Since nobody responded or showed any interest in this post, I have removed all of the links which were originally here.

Wastes of time, space, and energy will no longer be given attention. I have other things on my plate.


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