Sunday Serenity…and a Lunar Eclipse!

What a nice, relaxing Sunday it is! I decided to put my gaming project on hold for the weekend and pull my face off of the computer screen for a bit, and have been binge-watching some TV shows and movies. I’ve been enjoying watching some of the older Doctor Who episodes, with Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor; today, there is an Alfred Hitchcock double-feature airing, of a couple of movies I’d never seen yet: Psycho and The Birds. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to watching so-called ‘classics’ – for instance, I didn’t get around to watching Soylent Green or The Andromeda Strain until the late 90s, LOL

The moon was beautiful last night, and there are clear skies forecast for tonight as well…I look forward to the lunar eclipse! It should be very nice. I’m going to see if I can capture some decent shots of it – if not, oh well! Seeing it will be a treasure.

That’s it for now…here are two songs about nightingales, just because! Enjoy…



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