Sunday Serenity…and a Lunar Eclipse!

What a nice, relaxing Sunday it is! I decided to put my gaming project on hold for the weekend and pull my face off of the computer screen for a bit, and have been binge-watching some TV shows and movies. I’ve been enjoying watching some of the older Doctor Who episodes, with Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor; today, there is an Alfred Hitchcock double-feature airing, of a couple of movies I’d never seen yet: Psycho and The Birds. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to watching so-called ‘classics’ – for instance, I didn’t get around to watching Soylent Green or The Andromeda Strain until the late 90s, LOL

The moon was beautiful last night, and there are clear skies forecast for tonight as well…I look forward to the lunar eclipse! It should be very nice. I’m going to see if I can capture some decent shots of it – if not, oh well! Seeing it will be a treasure.

That’s it for now…here are two songs about nightingales, just because! Enjoy…



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Monday Musings…14 September 2015


My ISP has been having issues! Three unexplained outages in the past two weeks – both the internet and cable TV go out at the same time, and are off for five hours or more. It would be nice if the company would offer a discount, or at least one month of free cable, to make up for the service interruption and the inconvenience of missing shows that I was doing the DVR thing with. I completely missed Stephen Colbert’s first show, for example, and only caught the first half of the first inning of a Mariners game another time. Oh, well…it could be worse, I suppose.

So, what have I missed? I realized that I completely forgot to mention that Tuesday, 8 September, was International Literacy Day…shame on me for that! As a writer and an avid reader, that is an unforgivable omission – so I will give myself 50 lashes with a wet noodle as punishment.


What else…oh, yeah – whatever happened with the three people who supposedly killed that cop in Fox Lake, Illinois a couple of weeks ago? That story went away so quickly; not at all like those two murderers who were set loose from the prison in New York by that stupid, “love-struck” wench. Wonder what the deal was.

The footage of those high-school football players blindsiding that referee was interesting, wasn’t it? Now everybody’s lawyered up and the finger-pointing has begun – nobody is saying how injured the ref is or was, so I’m guessing that the injuries must not be serious – if he has any. Perhaps the hit only looked more brutal than it actually was? Anyway, he’s not in hospital so I presume that his pride suffered the biggest hit.

Monday morning maintenance patch on my game is going on, so it’s off-line at the moment. I’ll take another stab at this video-game streaming thing – apparently, there are a lot of different options, Twitch being one and YouTube being another. I also use Steam for my games like Skyrim and Half-Life 2, so anyone with a Steam gaming account could watch me play. One game that I might get is called Surgeon Simulator…it’s hilarious! I watched one of my acquaintances play it for a half hour, and I was dying with laughter over it…it’s too funny.


Yesterday morning, I woke up very early – it was still dark out, but the skies were perfectly clear. I grabbed a cup of coffee and my peace-pipe, and stood out on the back deck to look at the stars. So nice to see them, with very little light-pollution to spoil the view. The moon was new on Saturday, so it wasn’t “out.” Venus was exceptionally bright, as well…just so beautiful. Made me think of the song “Starry Starry Night (Vincent)” by Don McLean; the Doctor Who episode in which The Doctor and his companion, Amy, meet Vincent van Gogh had been on earlier, and that was a fantastic episode – brings tears to your eyes. Well, it did mine, at least…so looking at a starry, starry morning was pleasant and relaxing.

I’ll close with the clip from the show, and that beautiful song…why not?


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Friday Fun-time: 11 September 2015!

Sorry about that – I ‘disconnected’ for a couple of days with no warning! Just from my blog, guild-site, and email – not from my game…I needed to vegetate a bit. I’ll be catching up on everyone’s blogs in a little while! I spent some time outside, in between rain showers, measuring the overgrowth and getting ready to butcher the plants around the property. They are encroaching on the path in the breezeway, around the pump-house and garage, and trying to take over in the driveway. I still don’t know what half of the plants around my house are, other than the rhododendrons, holly, pampas grass, sedge, bamboo, huckleberry bushes, and wild raspberries and salmon-berries. I think that I have honey-suckle near the front fence, and foxgloves and lilies flower nicely a couple of times during the summer, in random places. The deer have been foraging on a regular basis – I really need to get some vertical blinds so that it is easier to take pictures from inside the house without disturbing them.

I haven’t looked at the online news yet this morning, but I watched a little of the crapfest on TV last night. TV news is annoying to me, for the most part. I wanted to see what is going on in the world; same old, same old, apparently. What a pleasant woman that was, kicking a little girl and then tripping up a man carrying a child. How nice. Tom Brady apparently succeeded in pissing and moaning about his deserved suspension, so now it’s been overturned. You can be a cheating, lying douchebag and keep your job…as long as you’re famous, that is. As far as the political circus goes, every station seems to be doing their best “all Trump, all the time” grab for ratings. That makes me want to get the bumper sticker that Stephen Colbert displayed on his show! So glad that he’s back, and I’m glad that Stephen remained his Stephen-y self. My DVR will be getting a workout between Colbert and Conan O’Brien, while I watch Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore! I need my medicine called laughter…in extra doses, these days.

I have recruited a few new people into my guild, and now the number balance is off – so I need to recruit a few more! Don’t ask…I’ll explain later. Just one of my quirks…we all have them, so I’m not alone in that! I’ve decided that now is the time to go for the achievement of being crowned empress, and that will be a chore and a half – I just know it! It will be a lot of painful fun, and very physically and mentally demanding…it amazes me that a long gaming session can feel like running a 100-meter dash – or, sitting in traffic for two hours!

Speaking of trying things…I love my husband. I really do. He just talks WAY too much! I told him the other day that I was going to buy him a “Mr. Slave” outfit and a ball gag, and put him in one of those swings for two hours, forcing him to watch a One Foot in the Grave marathon – I have the whole series on DVD. What do you think: sound like a good idea, or too extreme? Maybe I’ll just settle for the outfit and the ball-gag…as long as he’s quiet!


Here are three good songs to start the weekend off right – time for some fun!

Tuesday Tuneage – 8 September 2015

I got nothing…I’m distracted with trying to get this game-streaming thing figured out. So, how about three songs by Coldplay? Enjoy…



Happy International Vulture Day

There are a lot of turkey vultures in my neck of the woods…they’re neat to watch!

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess


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Stoic Stoneface

“Hyper-sensitive.” That is a label that people have thrown at me many times over the years. I thought about it off and on, analyzing what it is supposed to mean. I’d ask what they meant when they said it, and the answer was always the same: “You take things too personally!” This was usually said after I’d gotten irritated over some racist thing they said or did – like expecting me to know which Black comedian said “You know what I’m talking about, America?” It was Bernie Mac, may he rest in peace, but since I hadn’t seen his sitcom at that time, I was unaware of the catchphrase. It was also another way of a person expecting that I would know EVERY SINGLE BLACK COMEDIAN IN EXISTENCE, SIMPLY FOR SHARING THE SAME COLOUR OF SKIN AS THEY. The funny thing is, that comment was made by a self-described, “colour-blind” individual – the same type who won’t acknowledge that my taste in music is boundless. No, they will say, “Oh, I love reggae!” if I mention Bob Marley or Lady Saw, yet completely dismiss the fact that I also mentioned the Cult or King’s X in the same sentence…but I digress.

“Hyper-sensitive.” Maybe I am – after all, being raised by a demanding perfectionist who would scream over one ‘C+’ on an otherwise perfect report card tends to make one feel like an abject failure. Forget all of the good grades; no, that one ‘average’ grade meant that I “just wasn’t trying hard enough” and that I was “slacking off.” So, if I’m “hyper-sensitive,” it is because I was brought up by a toxic, “hyper-critical” bitch. Getting away from her and her influence was when I began to grow. I needed to prove to myself that I could accomplish anything I wanted to, without her riding my ass over every little thing. Her insecurities, whatever they are, were things she tried to project on to me before I hit puberty. It’s sad when a woman becomes jealous of a little girl they used to dote on, isn’t it?

Anyway. It has always fascinated me that my first name and my surname both translate to “fortress” in old Gaelic. I suppose that it’s fitting, in a way – I had to build walls around myself to protect myself, since nobody else will. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and that’s a precarious place for a heart to be – so, I built a fortress around it, as well. So, I don’t have a chip on my shoulder…it’s a little castle surrounding my tender heart. Fellow blogger Anna, over in Denmark, drew a picture that perfectly illustrates this!

I’ll close with three songs that I like, dedicated to…me! Yes, I have walls – but, for the right people, I created a doorway. It’s well-hidden, but those who can relate to the magic see it clearly. It’s like the train platform for the Hogwart’s Express…Muggles are blind to it, is all.


Dragon’s Breath Mead – good for what ails ye!

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