Some People…

Ye gawds. My head hurts. Why? Well, sometimes you hear a conversation in a restaurant, or store, or movie theater, or see a dumbass comment online or any place where a lot of people gather. The conversation makes you feel as if you’re on another planet, and you ask yourself “did I just hear that shite fall out of that person’s mouth?” The idiocy issuing forth has such a palpable stench that you wonder how the participants of said conversation don’t pass out from it. Noxious, toxic fumes can cause headaches as well, so this might be the reason.

My fiancée and I were at our favourite oyster bar in Portland, enjoying a tray of oysters on the half-shell. A loud group of hipster-trash, four of them in all, was at a table across the room and we were treated to every word of their conversation. They seemed to be incapable of speaking in a regulated volume even though the seating area was small and there were few people in the place. They were all white, which always makes me wonder why whites claim that non-whites are the only loud ones in restaurants.

One scrawny female in particular was dominating the conversation. From what she was telling the entire bar, she had moved to New York and had returned for a high-school reunion and was visiting old friends. The inane crap she spewed made me wonder about her upbringing because she had no class. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

She was screeching about having had a one-night-stand with some guy she’d met at some art showing, and was pissed off at him for leaving early in the morning and not asking for, or giving out, his contact phone number. Her reason for being pissed off was that she “wanted to call him in case he gave her STDs and she needed to bitch him out and yell at him.” How fucking psycho and stupid is that?!? It seems that the practicing of safe sex isn’t done by the millennial crowd. Then again, the people who raised them are Trump supporters and retards that managed to breed, so I can’t be surprised there.

I was reminded of other stupid-ass conversations I’ve heard. I know, I’m not supposed to be judgemental. I’m human and I just can’t stand stupid-ass people, and they have been crawling out of the woodwork nonstop for the past five years.

Idiocy and ignorance annoy the fuck out of me, and I don’t think I need to apologize for that. Being uneducated, talking like a fool, and settling for a remedial average or less is pathetic and lazy.

One example of stupidity I overheard recently was a comment about President Obama. I’m not completely satisfied with some of his policies, such as licking Israel’s boots like every other president before him in my lifetime has, so I can understand legitimate criticism against him. However, hating him because he “talks down to me every time he’s on television – he’s so arrogant! I don’t like his tone!” is fucking ridiculous, outrageously stupid, and just a touch paranoid.

Do you really believe that the POTUS, or any other person on television or the radio is talking directly to you, personally? If so, then get rid of all media sources and check yourself in at the nearest mental facility, because you need some serious help. Imagining that a famous entertainer or a politician is speaking directly to you is living in some strange fantasy realm.

Another strange comment I overheard was at a Macy’s store at the Vancouver Mall. Three teenaged girls were at a cosmetics counter and two were trying on makeup. They kept pressing the third to try on some blush or lipstick, and she refused. I was admiring her resistance to their pressure, until I heard her say this: “I don’t want to wear makeup. I don’t like that cosmetics guy telling me that I need to wear makeup to look good. Besides, rubbing it on your skin causes wrinkles!” I thought that was one of the most ignorant things I’d ever heard, and here’s why. Where in the hell does ‘some cosmetics guy’ force women to wear makeup? Last time I checked, females are slathering on war-paint because they think they’ll look like Kim Kar-trash-ian or Beyonce Knowles. This is also ridiculous but that’s how a lot of other females are. Mascara commercials now have disclaimers letting people know that the woman in the advertisements has had her eyes styled with lash inserts, so doesn’t that tell you something about cosmetics in general?

Next thing, if you wash your face on a daily basis, aren’t you rubbing your skin? OMG, here come the fucking wrinkles! In all seriousness though, the only way to look like someone on television is to have a professional styling crew give you a makeover.

Oh, here’s one of the BEST stupid comments I overheard. I nearly died with laughter over this one. We had to go to a T-Mobile store to get some phone accessories for travelling, since we’ll be attending a couple of car shows this month and next and will be heading to Seattle to have my wedding near my family members.

A group of five people – two guys and three gals – were checking out some of the newer models on display. I guess they were seniors in high school or young college-age as they seemed barely old enough to legally drink alcohol.

One girl was squealing over a Samsung Galaxy and said: “I’m so glad I switched over from AT&T. They suck! Hey, remember when AT&T was Cingular? I do!” I almost fell to the floor in amazement and started biting my tongue hard, and my fiancée was shaking his head and shaking with silent laughter at the same time. We barely made it out of the store before dissolving into helpless laughter. I was amazed at how ignorant that silly bitch was. AT&T has been around since before I was born, but cell phones have not. Cell phone companies have come and gone over the past ten years. Many things come and go in ones’ lifetime. Acting as if nothing has existed before your birth is beyond self-centered.

People seem to be so gullible anymore. Rarely does one see people using critical thought. They are too busy getting the opinions of others to agree with, and have no time or inclination to ask pertinent questions. They believe certain things when certain people state them, wallowing deep in cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias. They are masters at circular reasoning, and don’t see that they have been rendered deaf by their chosen echo-chambers. It’s crazy. Being around those types of people can make you crazy, too.

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  1. sepultura13
    Aug 27, 2013 @ 11:28:27

    In some ways, we should be thankful for the fact that the ignorant and STOOPID open their mouths and let us know of their existence…makes it easier to steer clear of them and avoid their infectious natures!

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