Random Friday Ramblings: 19 July 2013

I wanted to open this post by saying “happy belated birthday” to Nelson Mandela, also known as Tata Madiba. He turned 95 years old yesterday, 18 July – his health has been exceptionally fragile for the past two months and he’s been in hospital for about six weeks. His family members have been at his side almost nonstop…I was happy to hear that he enjoyed his birthday and that the issue regarding the burial of three of his relatives has been settled. Hopefully his grandson will put that venerable gentleman’s wishes before his own and stop with the divisive nonsense.

Speaking of divisive nonsense, I’m honestly laughing at that fat, sloppy, slovenly drug addict of a so-called ‘radio host’ and his insistence that he can use the word ‘nigger.’ Yep, I wrote it out – surprised? Don’t be. I rarely use that word, but will to make a point. Anyway, a fat, slovenly, racist cunt named Drugged-up Limp-paw is attempting to generate controversy by insulting Black people everywhere…AGAIN. What’s really funny is that he’s been doing that shite for ages, but nobody really gives a rip. He gets paid to spew hate and he must do it well – so well, in fact, that he’s apparently untouchable! Just like other so-called ‘shock jocks’ like G. Gordon Liddy, Howard Stern, Tom Leykis, and Laura Schlessinger, he dropped that hateful, racist word on-air and gets to keep his job. Hell, he probably got a big fat deposit in his offshore account from the Klan Aryan Brotherhood Tea-Baggers and the NRA after that! I fail to see why anyone pretends to be shocked by anything he says or does anymore…this is the guy who mocked Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease. This is the guy who said that all drug addicts should be lined up against a wall and shot – I wonder why he didn’t take his own advice? * slaps forehead *

Oh, silly me, I forget…whites get to do whatever the fuck they want to, including murder, and get away with it. Of course they can spout racist shite whenever and wherever they desire! Just like that has-been baseball player, John Rocker – he dropped the ‘n-bomb’ sometime back in the 1990s; apparently he was in the news for saying that all sports players should be able to use steroids. Sounds to me like he’s been taking them for some time and wants justification for it or something…speaking of baseball, remember a fat, slovenly cunt named Marge Schott? Look her up sometime, if you don’t remember what she said about Black baseball players when she was the manager for the Cincinnati Reds. Another charming person to look up would be a person called Jimmy the Greek – he had some fascinating things to say about genetics and Black people a while back. Amazing that people practically quote him verbatim in the comment sections of other blogs, when it comes to racist pseudo-science! People who are clueless about human physiology and physiognomy are suddenly armchair experts in genetics when they get online…

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on going on a rant over some old, bald, fat dickless wonder being his normal, racist self. Just like that fat, inbred, white trash cunt, southern-fried lard-ass Paula Deen – I pretty much expect a southern white slob to constantly yearn for slave days! Speaking of southerners, I don’t understand how other Black people can claim that living in the southern U.S. is somehow ‘better’ than living in the west or northeastern parts of the country, just because whites down there are more ‘open’ with their racism. Hey, if you want open racists, go to the Midwest or Alaska – whites are jacked-up in those states as well, and have no problem getting in your face with their hate, if that’s what yanks your chain. Canada is another option for emotional masochists, if you get sick of being a U.S. citizen…just a thought!

It’s another grand day to be alive, I can tell you that! The weather has been perfect – it rains overnight and the mornings are cloudy, but the sun comes out after noon and everything looks beautiful. The deer have wandered by quite a bit during the past week, and the bear was spotted a couple of days ago, raiding a hummingbird feeder in a neighbor’s yard. The hummingbirds in our yard have been feisty lately. One male sits in a tree near our garage and guards one feeder, chasing away other birds and bees that get too close to it. He also has an interesting call of warning – amazing that such a tiny bird can make such a big sound! I’ve named him the ‘Fighting Ruby-throat’ and he is very distinctive.

We went to a pond and dug up some big-leaved water lilies to put in our frog pond, because the tadpoles are growing up! We see a number of them with all four legs and skinny tails, and at least five of them have become tiny frogs – they sit and sun themselves on the lily-pads, but will scatter and hide if I approach too fast. The crows have made them skittish, which is how it should be!

We’re trying to get the hot-rod in rolling order for the car shows, but we have two other classics that we can go with if it’s not feasible to fix the roadster. Always have contingency plans when you’re putting things in motion – then expect the worst, hope for the best, and just see what happens…

The All-Star Game is in the books; the American League dominated the National League, once again. It was good to see Felix Hernandez have a good outing, and the game was fun to watch. The Mariners had their first sweep of the season before the All-Star break, soundly trouncing the Angels. They play tonight in Houston…I hope they kick the Astros’ collective arses all over the field, but in good fun! I’m thinking of doing a post about some of my favourite baseball players soon…and, speaking of upcoming posts, I will soon have a few more about notable Black women. I might even do an Open Thread, even though I don’t have enough regular readers to warrant one. We’ll see…

Alright, time for some Friday music! The song “That Smell” is dedicated to the cunt who ran us off the road on 10 July of this year; the lyrics are in the video. Enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend!

U2: “Zoo Station

Alice Cooper: “No More Mr. Nice Guy

Lynyrd Skynyrd: “That Smell

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