Sports & Feuerwerk!!!

Ah, yes…fireworks after a win by the Mariners! Damn, but I envy the lucky bastards who were at Safeco Field tonight – the Seattle Mariners beat the Chi-town Cubbies in the 10th inning; the weather was flawless, and the choreographed pyrotechnics were a delight to see! I love a great baseball game and I love a great fireworks show…brought back childhood memories of lighting bottle rockets, Roman Candle fights with my brothers and our friends, burning and branding some racist little fuck on the arm with a sparkler, and seeing one of the more adventurous nutbags we knew running down a path with a smoke-bomb in his mouth and green smoke pouring everywhere! Anyway, I hope the Ms take the series – a sweep is almost too much to hope for, so I’ll settle for two out of three. It was nice to see the show…I’m glad that they televised it.

29 June 2013 – Fireworks over Safeco Field

The weather should be grand for the next few days; while the rest of the west swelters (even parts of Alaska), we stay moderately balmy – no extremes of any sort! I watch the mercury readings in other states and note that some are just as hot now as they were when we were there, at this time last year. Phoenix, Arizona is steady at 117 F, Death Valley is set to hit a world record of 129 F, Salt Lake City is 102 F, and Sacramento reached 106 F. I recall what a blessing the misters at restaurants in Phoenix were, and lounging poolside in SoCal was divine…still, I’m glad to be home this summer. Travelling is fun, but there’s no place like home!

I spotted fresh bear turd in the recently-mown grass today – it wasn’t there yesterday! I noticed it when I was filling the hummer feeders and examining the bamboo growth. We have 10 tall shoots that have sprouted quite rapidly; the gentleman we spoke with at Shweeash Bamboo said that you could virtually see bamboo growing if you sit and watch it during a spurt, and I believe it! The only other plant that shows significant growth like that is a potted fern that I have inside; from what I can see, it takes about two or three days for a new shoot to reach its maximum height and branch out into fullness. Ladybugs like the bamboo, it would seem – I saw a pair in “tow-truck mode” trundling along the branches!

One final note: with all of the hoopla surrounding the recent decisions passed down by the SCOTUS; the non-issue of inbred, southern white-trash Paula Deen doing what white-trash southerners do best, and moronic fucktards lambasting Trayvon Martin’s friend on the stand, a couple of news stories have been completely ignored and / or sidelined. One story is happening right here in the Pacific Northwest, so naturally it isn’t on the radar of anyone beyond the borders of Washington state. This involves the arrest of a man, Alan Smith, who murdered his estranged wife in his home, then brought his girlfriend to live with him in the murder house. He was arrested today after a search warrant was served on him a couple of days ago, but the murder occurred in February. From KOMO-4 News:

“EVERETT, Wash. – A Bothell man accused of killing his estranged wife in February confessed to a friend from his church that he committed the murder, according to court documents released Friday.

The documents also show that the suspect, Alan Smith, asked a former girlfriend in October if she knew any way he could get rid of his wife, Susann Smith, without anyone knowing.

On the day of his wife’s murder, he bought latex gloves at Wal-mart, and in the hours after her death, was searching the Internet for tips on fleeing the country with his two children, according to court documents.

The disclosures in court papers come the day after Smith was arrested for investigation of first-degree murder, and about a week after police found him having loud sex with his girlfriend, Love Thai, outside the home where his wife was killed.”

Alan Smith

Creep of the week: Alan Smith

Next, if you are a fan of American football, especially the New England Patriots, then this next story should have grabbed you by the scrote and had your undivided attention ever since it broke earlier this week. I’m speaking, of course, about the arrest of one Aaron Hernandez, for the murder of a friend and fellow athlete, Odin Lloyd, that occurred sometime last week. From the BBC:

“A second arrest has been made in a murder investigation involving American football player Aaron Hernandez, prosecutors say.

Carlos Ortiz, 27, was detained in Connecticut accused of being a fugitive from justice, say authorities.

Mr Hernandez, 23, was charged on Wednesday with murder in relation to last week’s discovery of a fellow player’s body in Massachusetts.

The NFL player has now been dropped by his team, the New England Patriots.”

As I write this, another man is being held in connection with Odin Lloyd’s murder. It amazes me that NOBODY is talking about this on their oh-so-progressive, oh-so-popular blogs! Go figure, eh? Since it’s not a Black man who was the killer, but the one who was killed, it’s been ** CRICKETS ** – which seems to be typical. Michael Vick was roasted alive in the press and has had a target on his back over the past dogfighting charges (which he has done his time and atoned for), but a murder is ignored simply because the killer is not Black. Same goes for the sexual deviants in the NFL; nobody talks about or recalls the weenie-wagging of Brett Favre or the accusations of rape against Ben Roethlisberger, and we all know what happened when people covered up the paedophilia of that disgusting creep at Penn State. * SIGH *

Those were just some random things milling about in my brain today…I figured I’d drag them out and put them under a microscope!

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