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It’s another beautiful day, so put off mowing the shaggy, overgrown lawn yesterday. I will get to it soon; I’d seen a tiny, green frog in the grass a couple of days ago, and I didn’t want to disturb the little critters…so, let it grow, let it grow, let it grow! It can wait for the next sunny spell of weather. We have a resident dragonfly, too – it was darting about the yard, hunting…hope it’s getting those pesky mosquitoes and fruit flies. I’m sure that the tadpoles cut down on the mosquito population just a little bit; there haven’t been any larvae in the frog pond. If the weather stays like it is now, I’ll get it done before my fiancée gets back from Porkland. He had to pick up some articles like our repaired leathers and a push-mower, so I’ve been able to get more housecleaning done.

Speaking of critters, the bear made a small encore yesterday, after surprising me a few days ago. He was wandering around the outside of the fence, near the little greenhouse at the back of the property – probably after the salmon-berries that are beginning to show. Can’t wait until they’re ripe! We also hadn’t seen the deer since the day they were peacefully browsing a couple of weeks ago; some douchebag had chased after them in a vehicle and frightened them away, and that pissed me off! Fucktards always disturb the peace and tranquility wherever they go…it’s annoying. That changed yesterday, as we saw a doe with new, twin fawns! They were probably two weeks old, cute little things with spots – they were in a yard just around the corner from ours; across the way and two houses down from our streetside mailbox. Also, a lone doe browsed in the yard next door for a couple of hours, not long after we spotted the one with the fawns. It stood on its hind legs to forage in the trees…damnit, I simply must get those cameras!

The Seattle Mariners won the first game of three against the Houston Astros yesterday, after losing the 4-game series to the damn Yankees. The Ms won the first game against the Yanks, but let the next three slip through their fingers – it was disappointing. I was glad that Hisashi Iwakuma pitched well and that the bats were hot; a pitcher can’t win a baseball game solo, any more than a quarterback in football can win a game all by his lonesome. The bats need to come alive, more so, at the proper time…leaving men stranded on base seems to be an Achilles heel for the Mariners!

I’m definitely relaxed today…I have a couple of posts on the back burner, but they can wait. Just because I’m not in “bitchy bitchington” mode, doesn’t mean that I’m not aware of pertinent things going on in the multiverse. One doesn’t need to be in constant “full on” to be taken seriously, and it’s a shame that few share this viewpoint. For instance, it appears that Trayvon Martin’s murder, the murder trial against George Zimmerman, is going to take place – I guess that people figure he’ll get away with it so there’s no reason to discuss it. Anybody with a brain can see that Zimmerman is guilty of murder, and one could easily argue that it was premeditated. This is a major deal, but few people are discussing it. They would rather get bent out of shape over some fucktard at a Papa John’s in Sanford, Florida, leaving a racist rant on the voice mail of a Black customer. This is the same township where Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, in the same state where Michael Dunn murdered a Black youth named Jordan Davis over loud music, so why is anyone surprised? I can’t boycott Papa John’s because I never ate there in the first place – they’ve never gotten a dime from me before this incident, and they certainly never will – but me not spending my money somewhere doesn’t make a lick of difference to anybody but me. Other people still eat there; last I heard, Papa John’s was doing just fine.

The recent storms in the Midwest apparently took the lives of former Stormchaser stars. Um, if you chase dangerous storms, you could end up dead – it’s not rocket science. Interesting thing to note, people have been far less cruel about their deaths than, say, the unfortunate and accidental death of ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin. People are very selective about who they choose to criticize and why!

I recently saw a story on this blog here, and noted that the Huffington Post finally decided to say something about it:

“Turkish riot police fired volleys of teargas canisters into Istanbul’s Taksim Square, centre of protests against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, driving thousands into narrow side streets, witnesses said.

Police and water cannon vehicles advanced across the square, entirely clearing the north side after a day of skirmishes that had defied the authorities’ efforts to restore full control.”

I guess it’s all to do with the power of Twitter and ‘social media!’ Basically, if you’re not hooked up with Facebook and everything that links with / to it, then nothing you say will get noticed by anyone. Even if it is, it will be very selective: it must be deemed worthy by someone who has been named as an ‘expert!’

I also heard about some guy who leaked ‘sensitive material’ about the NSA, and people are up in arms about it all. I just SMDH and ROTFLMAO at it all, because the same people screaming about said ‘sensitive material’ are the same ones who thought it was JUST FINE for the government to tap people’s phones and computers after 9/11/2001. You people wanted your ‘national security’ so you all could feel safe from ‘terrorists’ – what in the ever-loving FUCK did you think that really meant?!? Did you give it any thought? HELL NO! Speaking of Mr. Snowden, it appears that he didn’t really have the credentials to work where he did in the first place. He had a shaky work history, dropped out of one school, and didn’t even make it in the military – yet, the 29-year-old white had a cushy job in Hawai’i and a big house. If Mr. Snowden had been non-white, he wouldn’t have been given a pass to get that cushy job; also, if he were Black and on the run, you can bet people would be calling for his head on a pike! He wouldn’t be labeled as a ‘hero’ by Michael Moore or Julian Asange – shit, just look at the treatment Charles Ramsey has received. He who helped rescue those young women in Ohio, who had been held as sexual prisoners for years, has been treated abhorrently by EVERYONE in the media!

I’ve busted my ass for years and couldn’t accomplish what ‘Snowden Happypants’ did…gee, I wonder why? No, I know why! No need to talk about it though, because it’s just an issue that nobody cares about or wants to do anything about. Who cares if Black people are STILL discriminated against in pretty much everything under the sun, including employment?!? What really frosts my cookies are the Black people who DO own businesses, yet refuse to hire other Black people – WTF is up with THAT???

Besides, there are other, bigger things to screech about than the petty issues I just listed! Let’s piss and moan ENDLESSLY about things and talk about what HUGE PROBLEMS exist, then identify them, and then…DO NOTHING but REPEAT YOURSELF ENDLESSLY about all of these HUGE PROBLEMS, and shut down ANYONE who doesn’t say or do the EXACT SAME THING as you do. It’s so beneficial to NEVER TALK ABOUT SOLUTIONS, ONLY THE PROBLEMS, isn’t it? Whenever I turn on the television or plug into the interwebs, I read or hear an endless, repetitive litany of shit that is regurgitated verbatim from mindless drones and Limbaugh-esqe ‘ditto-heads.’ Wow…how fucking limiting and depressing, eh? Fuck-all, I thought that I and my fellow GenXers were mopey and apathetic! We have nothing on the ones who are constantly plugged in to technology; people who think that entertainment is reality and have no concept of face-to-face conversations or meaningful relationships. When I see young adults in their early 20s talking about getting assloads of plastic surgery and thinking that how they look is going to solve their obvious mental problems, it makes me SMDH and think, “Wow – it really sucks to be you!” I tend to think that about the unbalanced ones, who feel the need to be in people’s faces with their desperation and screams of, “Look at ME!!! Love ME!!! I HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS – LISTEN TO ME!!!” *SIGH* How tiresome those types are…

Jebus Cripes in a chariot-driven sidecar!!! I could go on, but the things that I care about, and what things matter to me, and what things I find important, just don’t matter to others. I don’t grow grey hairs over that, though, because the feeling is more than mutual…I can’t say that I give a flying fuck about things that other people find relevant! I don’t give a shit about pop culture, for instance. Celebutards are boring to me, for the most part. When I watch Conan O’Brien, or The Daily Show, or the Colbert Report, for example, I don’t pay much attention to the guests unless they happen to be someone I find interesting – and that isn’t very often, I can tell you that!

I’ll cut this one short and leave off with some music…it soothes the savage beast, don’t ya know? I also think that it’s past due time for a Skyrim update – I need to regale you with tales of ‘my’ travels in Solstheim! For now, I’m going to sit in the sunshine and tend to my ‘locs, while the sun warms my scalp. I will watch the hummers battle and the eagles circle; I’ll listen to the nearby birdsong and the surf roar in the near distance, and I’ll close my eyes and enjoy the music of the “liltin’ wae and liltin’ tae,” as Jodie Foster in Nell stated. Moths are flattened in arrowhead shapes on the side of the garage – I count three. The seven spears of bamboo get taller by the day – and I noticed another one in the midst of the main clump! All of the plants in and around the yard show evidence of growth…they are healthy and thriving, and I love the way they look. When one is able to surround themselves with natural beauty, it brings a sense of peace.

Dire Straits: “Lady Writer

Yeha-Noha: Wishes of Happiness & Prosperity

Missing Persons: “Words

Crash Test Dummies: “Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm

The Moody Blues: “The Voice

I’m also going to insert random pics of guys in my posts. Why? Because it’s fun!


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