Happy Earth Day 2013!!!

Aaaaahhhh…it’s Earth Day! Time for a celebration of the natural beauty that surrounds us – well, it surrounds those of us who are fortunate enough to live close to nature! I love wandering in my backyard and tending to the flowers and my herb garden – the greenhouse is great for starting seedlings and transplanting larger plants. The full moon is later this week, which is the perfect time to do some more potting and transplanting. I have four plants that are begging for larger homes, LOL!

I was able to mow the lawn last week (FINALLY!) and we’ll have at least three, perhaps four, days of nice weather coming up so I’ll trim the yard again – get it all level this time! I’ve filled the fire pit with branches and other clippings so it’ll be time to have a little bonfire soon…

The birds have been active: there’s a family of crows nearby, and seagulls enjoy roosting on the distant rooftop of our closest neighbours. Hummingbirds buzz about on a regular basis; robins bounce on the grass as they hunt for worms in the morning dew, and a couple of eagles circled and soared over our shop the other day – they were magnificent! Some geese went honking past yesterday…I love the solitude and seclusion of the yard – it’s my sanctuary and it’s nice, quiet, and peaceful. Everyone should make their personal dwellings a place of relaxation, no matter how small they might be. Even a tiny SRO flat can be made delightful if you know how to decorate properly and have the right furnishings!     😎

On a side note, I guess there’s supposed to be some sort of internet blackout today, but I see no evidence of participation! Go figure…I shouldn’t be surprised, though, given modern society’s penchant for jumping on a social-media-driven bandwagon, then jumping off at the next corner to see how many blog-hits they got from ‘tweeting’ their allegiance. Nobody stays loyal to anything anymore…but, I digress – it’s Earth Day and I’m relaxing in peace and quiet. No traffic, no air or noise pollution, no city suffocation…just birds, bears, and deer! It’s lovely…

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