In Memoriam: Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin: 5 February 1995 – 26 February 2012

Today marks the day that, one year ago, a young man named Trayvon Martin was gunned down by a colour-aroused racistnamed George Zimmerman in a Florida neighbourhood. Trayvon was visiting his father and had gone to a convenience store to purchase some snack foods. As he returned, Zimmerman, a self-described “neighbourhood watchman” (read: trigger-happy vigilante wannabe), followed Trayvon, harassed him, and instigated an altercation which resulted in Trayvon’s murder. It was all needless, of course, but there are some very sick fucks out there who truly feel that Trayvon deserved to die, even going so far as saying that HE was the one who instigated the incident!

The Huffington Post reports:

“Today marks the one year anniversary of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the incident that sparked an international conversation about race, gun control and law enforcement.

Martin was headed back to the home of his father’s girlfriend shortly after 7 p.m. on Feb. 26, 2012, after a trip to the convenience store. George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood-watch member, reported Martin to the police and told the 911 dispatcher that the teenager looked “suspicious.” Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher not to follow Martin, but a few minutes after the police call, Martin lay dead from a gunshot to the chest.

Zimmerman admitted to police that he shot Martin, but claimed he acted in self-defense. He was later arrested and charged with second-degree murder, and is currently awaiting trial set for June 10.

The case garnered national attention, with protests and rallies around the country calling for the shooting to be investigated and for Zimmerman to be prosecuted.

However, sentiments surrounding the case have been split. While many have asserted that the former neighborhood watchman racially profiled the teen, others have implied that he was justified in his actions, an opinion that hits home for Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton.

It really is disheartening to know that people in general are trying to justify why this adult male went after this teenage, young man. You can’t justify it. You can’t give a reason why. Because he was wearing a hoodie? Because of the color of his skin? Because of what he thought?[I]f this adult had remained in his vehicle, like the police dispatcher advised him to do, then this situation could have been avoided. He chose to follow my son. He chose to pursue my son. He chose to confront my son. And the result is my son’s death. I believe the responsibility lies on him as an adult because my son was not following him. He did not confront him. He did not chase him. And he did not have a weapon.”

The comment below followed that article, and it is the same load of scheisse that every racist, white-trash, inbred asshat out there regurgitates as they try to justify the cold-blooded murder of a 17-year-old who was minding his own business – because, after all, it’s only the racists who are justifying this murder. Check it out:

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5 minutes ago (12:49 PM)

“It doesn’t make sense that Zimmerman just shot Trayvon, without Trayvon attacking beforehand. The evidence points in this direction. If you can’t accept that, then you probably have a chip on your shoulder. Mixing your implicit or explicit memories with a case like this is a bad idea.
Everyone sees a cause and effect in this event. Some people jump immediately to the race factor, and others will ask themselves who attacked first. If you are in the latter group, then it makes sense that Zimmerman was provoked, and the evidence shows he was attacked brutally before taking a shot.”

Yeah, sure. Trayvon just attacked Zimmerman with no provocation, right? Newsflash, genius – a person who stalks another, needlessly, deserves to get a fucking beat-down! I’ve been needlessly followed by men on city streets as I walked from my bartending job at the Kingdome to my apartment in Belltown, and you can bet that I didn’t stand for it. By this fucktard’s logic, I would have deserved to die for protecting myself against rape or worse!

Here are the facts:

  • Zimmerman profiled Trayvon because of his skin colour: he thought he “didn’t belong” in the gated community.
  • Zimmerman stalked Trayvon by following him in his vehicle. He didn’t identify himself as anybody with any genuine authority to Trayvon, but he called 911 and reported Trayvon as being “suspicious.”
  • Zimmerman was told to stop following Trayvon, but he didn’t – he continued his stalking, then exited his vehicle – why?
  • Finally, mere minutes after the 911 call, Trayvon lay dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. That’s up close and personal…

It’s 2013. We’re well into the 21st century, yet there are still places that fly the confederate flag and insist that “It’s history, not racism!!!” Yeah, just look at Mississippi’s state flag, and then let it sink in that they only ratified the 13th Amendment on 7th February of this year – and then, only because of a fictitious movie! Alabama and Florida only recently removed the confederate flag as part of their state banner, but they kept it in aspect – so it was really a meaningless gesture!

Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund, has an excellent article on the Huffington Post which asks this question: “What Killed President Kennedy & Trayvon Martin?” Here’s an excerpt:

“Shortly after President Kennedy’s assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote that it was time for our nation to do some soul-searching, and while the question “Who killed President Kennedy?” was important, answering the question “What killed President Kennedy?” was even more critical. Dr. King believed the answer was that “our late president was assassinated by a morally inclement climate”: “It is a climate filled with heavy torrents of false accusation, jostling winds of hatred, and raging storms of violence. It is a climate where men cannot disagree without being disagreeable, and where they express dissent through violence and murder. It is the same climate that murdered Medgar Evers in Mississippi and six innocent Negro children in Birmingham, Alabama.” Dr. King further noted that the undercurrents of hatred and violence that made up this morally inclement climate were fueled by our cultural embrace of guns: “By our readiness to allow arms to be purchased at will and fired at whim, by allowing our movie and television screens to teach our children that the hero is one who masters the art of shooting and the technique of killing, by allowing all these developments, we have created an atmosphere in which violence and hatred have become popular pastimes.”

This climate is certainly prevalent today, and has been ever since President Obama took office – it isn’t coincidental. One look at the comment section following the article proves this, as most commentators completely missed the point of the article. They have an immediate knee-jerk reaction when the word ‘gun control’ is mentioned, and immediately start spouting off the usual skewed statistics about so-called ‘black-on-black’ violence.

You have people saying inane shit like “I don’t like the way he talks down to me during his appearances and speeches!” when you ask, specifically, what about Obama’s politics and practices they dislike. When I ask about a specific thing and the answer has nothing to do with the question, I pretty much figure that the person doesn’t have a leg to stand on and the conversation is over. I won’t argue or debate with people like that, because they’re not interested in a meaninful exchange of ideas. They’re the same people who will flood your inbox with old, unfounded hoax articles that have long been discounted by sites like I recently heard two old bags in a grocery store talking about how Michelle, Sasha, and Malia all “inconvenienced a bunch of shoppers” on a “recent trip to France.” Funny thing about that is, the trip was in 2009 – that’s not exactly recent!

* SIGH *

I fear that Trayvon and his family will not get their due justice – hell, this whole incident was buggered from the beginning – and it’s sickening. A young man’s life taken, solely because of the colour of his skin. A young man who could have been my own son. Maybe my nephew. He could have been a younger brother, a student, a family friend. Zimmerman gets to be fat and happy with his hateful family, while Trayvon’s family and friends mourn him. His promising life was cut short – stolen by a racist fuck with festering slag between his ears. And his ilk stand by him, supporting and justifying this unjustifiable act.

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