The Expected Finale…

Well, the expected outcome has finally occurred. My heart sank as I watched the reports, from the 5:00 local “info-tainment” through the State of the Union Address, and after the 137th Westminster. The images of the burning cabin and the spotty reporting, where the details changed often, solidified what I’d thought from the beginning. First reports at 5:00 stated that the cabin had been burning for about an hour, indicating that the fire had started around 4:00 p.m. (PST). Police claim that the fire started after they exchanged fire with the suspect and then launched a tear gas canister into the building – supposedly, a single gunshot was heard after the canister was launched, but before the fire started. So a dead man started a fire? No, let’s get it right: they launched an incendiary device into the cabin in a supposed attempt to “flush out” their prey. They deliberately set the fire themselves, in order to cover up the bullet holes in the cabin walls – that way, there will be no way to find out the calibre of weapons they used to shoot at Dorner. Remember, they only wanted him dead and they were determined to destroy any other evidence he might have had on his person. Using .50-cals with armor-piercing rounds isn’t trying to take a suspect alive, and burning a body is a good way to distort bullet wounds. Of course, they’re already saying that it was a suicide so the autopsy will only report one supposed ‘self-inflicted gunshot wound’. From the BBC:

“California police say they have found a body in a burnt-out cabin where murder suspect Christopher Dorner is believed to have made his deadly last stand.

The 33-year-old former policeman is thought to have exchanged fire with police after barricading himself in.

A single gunshot was later heard inside the building, which then began to burn.”

The BBC report also states that officers were using a demolition vehicle to tear down the walls of the cabin – more evidence-destroying action? It looks that way to me…

I found it interesting that, following the State of the Union Address, reports stated that Christopher’s body had been removed from the cabin and was positively identified – but the 11:00 news backpedaled, saying that the cabin was still too hot to enter and that they had made no “positive identification” yet.

I’m pleased and not surprised at the accounts of the civilians who encountered Christopher before the LAPD closed in. The two women married couple who encountered him were merely tied up and he took their car, leaving a cell phone on their coffee table. After crashing in the car, he got the truck from the Scout camp leader – again, without violence and bloodshed. It will be interesting to see if his camp gets a mysterious monetary endowment in the next few months. The reward was supposedly only for information leading to an arrest; again, we all know that an arrest was never the intention. Will he get the full bounty, or will it be a 3-way split? We probably won’t even be told that. By now, as expected, all of the pre-written police reports and incident details have been agreed upon, and will be carefully filtered to the media at their leisure.

Christopher Jordan Dorner is the latest Black murder victim of the LAPD – it’s as simple as that. He was murdered because he tried to expose the corruption running rampant in that, and other, departments across the USA. Davey D pointed out something on his blog that I’ve been noticing for ages:

“I want folks to look at some of what I mentioned and really think about this..I know many who dislike the police would like to believe that one man had one of the most militarized and largest police forces in the world, was spooked over threats and subsequent actions from one man..Some have gone so far as to call Dorner a modern-day Django. Others have noted that Dorner with his military training gave him a tactical edge and made him the most dangerous suspect ever faced by LAPD…On the criminal tip, Southern Cali is home to some of the most ruthless, well armed and vicious organized gangs.. The Mexican mafia, Armenian mob, Aryan Brother Hood, Skin heads, Biker gangs like the Mongols & Hells Angels Russian mob, drug cartels of every stripe, Crips, Bloods etc.. This is gang land for real..and many of those gangs are openly hostile to LAPD, yet we have never seen the resources and all stops pulled up to confront them, the way they did Dorner…We never saw this much power even after some of those gangs were deemed domestic  terrorists..and even after we’ve seen some of these outfits do everything from murk entire families to terrorize entire families or ethnic groups..”

His mother now has to lay her child to rest – and that’s a crime. Let the grand cover-up begin.

He’s a martyr and a hero who sacrificed himself in trying to see justice done, IMHO. That should be his legacy.

Public Enemy: “Fight the Power

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  1. sepultura13
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 09:58:36

    We shall see…it’s not as if we can really believe much of what the media is putting on the air. The only credible witnesses to Christopher’s demeanor, at this point, are the people who had their vehicles taken. It pisses me off that the reports are claiming that they were “held hostage”, because they weren’t – they were simply restrained and detained so he could get away.

  2. sepultura13
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 09:54:51

    This was an execution and lynching rolled into one…there is proof of the police saying “burn the fucking house down!”

  3. sepultura13
    Feb 14, 2013 @ 09:52:32

    Agreed. It was, essentially, a modern-day lynching. We know that the LAPD is covering up their crime as quickly as possible:

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