Super Bowl XLVII: What A Game!!!!!

Hell YEAH!!! I’m ecstatic…the Baltimore Ravens did it! Joe Flacco was ecstatic, too – did anyone hear the F-bomb that he dropped? “Fuckin’ awesome!” is what I distinctly heard, and who can blame him? Power outage or no, that was one hell of a game, and some of the ads weren’t bad. I actually paid attention to a few, LOL – didn’t watch the opening act or the halftime show; diluted, slutty white girls aren’t my thing. Besides, I had a halftime intermission of my own planned with my fiancee…that was far more important!     😎

Here are some of the things that made Super Bowl XLVII awesome:

  • Jacoby Jones’s 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown right at the beginning of the 3rd quarter – he was gone, and nobody could touch him!
  • Joe Flacco’s three first-half touchdown passes – they were beautiful! Poetry in motion…Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta did a fantastic job, and Jacoby Jones with his catch of Flacco’s perfectly floated downfield pass – athletic agility is a joy to witness!
  • It’s nice to know that hosting the Super Bowl is helping the economy of New Orleans. That’s a city I would love to visit, but not during Mardi Gras – I’d rather go to Carnival in Rio!     😎

I saw some of the ads, as I mentioned above. My personal favorites were the Tide “Joe Montana” stain, the library that erupted in chaos but everybody whispered through it all, and the Calvin Klein ad (for obvious reasons, LMAO). The ones that sucked were the Skechers ad where the guy ties up the cheetah, the Bud Light ad where the two guys were rolling the 6-pack in a chair, and the Axe “Astronaut” – those were all a bit stupid, IMHO. The “Epic Fail” award goes to Volkwagen for their racist ad with the white guys speaking in a heavy Jamaican patois. I guess you can’t expect much from a company which manufactured ‘Nazi-mobiles’ for decades, though! Since Jimmy Cliff gave the nod to it, I guess that means it’s okay, right?     🙄

I have a couple of songs to post, but I have one final thought to note which is completely unrelated to the game. After reading this story about an incident at a Texas shooting range this weekend, my only thought is paraphrasing an old statement: “Those who live by the gun are doomed to die by the gun.” With that, it’s music time!

The Temptations: “Psychedelic Shack

Dire Straits: “Walk of Life

Chumbawumba: “Tubthumping” (ending cut off)

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