“This Isn’t THAT Type Of Neighbourhood!!!”

This was the direct quote, verbatim, made by a local woman following a “home invasion”. She and her husband (or boyfriend, depending on which newscast you choose to believe – the fact discrepancies between two different stations was amazing, to say the least) had returned home from a vacation. She went with her two children to run some errands while the man remained at home. A guy supposedly kicked in the door (or simply walked through it, as it was unlocked), then wrapped the man with duct tape, beat him, then stole items and left. The woman was sitting in her car when reporters spoke with her, and that’s when she blurted the quote which is the title of this post: “This isn’t THAT type of neighbourhood!!!” I wanted to punch her. That instant, visceral reaction I have when a blatantly racist comment is shat from the hateful lips of an inbred, white-trash fucktard who can’t see beyond the privilege granted to them simply for being so. I beg to differ with that spiteful cunt in her ASSumption that Lake Oswego, Oregon, “isn’t THAT type of neighbourhood”…hell, a mere two months ago, a neo-nazi scum murdered a man in his driveway, in front of his horrified wife after they returned home from walking their dogs. Turns out that the murderer had quite the long rap sheet, too – he was under suspicion for another murder two years prior; a camper found stabbed to death in their riverside tent. The man who cut the gas lines in his house in a failed attempt to blow up his family home (with them in it), as well as the guy who raped and murdered his neighbor due to his ‘obsession’ with her, also hail from that area. What’s REALLY interesting is that I’m having the most difficult time finding the video clip on the news stations that aired her racist comment; thankfully, the local FauxNews affiliate kept the transcript in their story – and note that she is listed as “wife” in one and “girlfriend” in the other! Sheesh…

Crack-o-my-ass I mean, CLACKAMAS County, Oregon, is one of the white-trashiest counties in that state, and that’s saying a LOT. Remember Tonya Harding of past Olympic infamy? She who orchestrated the attack on Nancy Kerrigan back in 1988? The self-proclaimed “Queen of White Trash?” She hails from there. You can literally feel your intelligence drop when you cross the county line, even before you see the sign! Milwaukee, Oregon is a foul shithole where you are quite likely to see trucks (and people) sporting confederate flags; then again, you see that even in ‘progressive’ Portland, in the heart of Multnomah County. This is the home of “Portland Wrestling”, ya know? “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, the Kilted Screamer? Puh-LEEZE…it’s fucking white-trash central! That shite has recently been resurrected, and no surprise to me, their top-rated “rassler” is a neo-nazi fuck with the moniker of “Warhammer” and he sports a big iron cross tattoo on his elbow! That’s just as an overt symbol as a swastika, the “SS” lighting-bolts, or the spider-web are, but hey – another murdering fuck fought in an MMA match at the Chinook Winds Casino and nobody batted an eyelash at his racist tattoos – they’re that commonplace in my neck of the woods. Case in point: a neo-nazi gang in Pendleton is minimized, but if three Black or Latino people were in a store there at the same time, you can bet that the cops would be called for an ‘impending gang war’! Fucking hypocrites…make me wanna RETCH!!!

No, the fact remains that even the supposedly ritzy-titsy areas of ‘lily-white-ville’ are bastions of criminal activity – activities which largely go ignored and unreported, solely because they ARE lily-white, homogenous ‘burbs! Skewed crime statistics would have you believe that North and Northeast Portland neighborhoods, which are predominantly inhabited by Black people (due to the racist housing laws which remained on the books until the late 1960s), are the crime-ridden areas. Crimes committed in those areas are mainly evenly split between white, Black, and Latino perpetrators, with Asians closing the gap (according to whatever statistics you wish to believe – that is my caveat). In the ‘whites-only’ areas, obviously, the criminals are almost exclusively white as well. Manufacture and sales of methamphetamines are exclusive to white communities, from the lowest trailer-park to the biggest cracker-box ‘McMansion’. From what I observe, they also seem to LOVE their ‘horse’! Whites are the biggest beneficiaries of the current medicinal marijuana laws; with the so-called ‘legalization’ newly passed, there will be wide discrepancies between people jailed for ‘DWS’ – you can bet that those who are always guilty of ‘DWB’ will suffer the most from that, and it just doesn’t sit well with me.

That stupid cunt just annoyed the shit out of me today – that statement is thrown out far too often, and the racist fucks who spout it off the most are in need a serious reality check. The problem is that they are too blinded by their own willful ignorance to acknowledge their hypocrisy. They are convinced that “their own” can do ABSOLUTELY NO wrong, while “the evil other” is the source of ALL troubles in the world, and if “they” would just “go home” then all would be white right again! People who are that close-minded are unreachable, and it’s a waste of time or effort to deal with them in any fashion. When I see others doing this in all corners of the interwebs, I idly wonder why they bother…when you’re “damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” in the eyes of another, do you really think that arguing with them to your last breath is accomplishing anything? I wonder how a Jew would respond to the question, “You know, if you people just tried harder, Hitler wouldn’t have felt the need to exterminate so many of you – so why didn’t you just TRY?!?” This is how I feel when I see whites questioning Black people on various blogs with similarly loaded, race-baiting statements. “You know, slavery really was better for you people – your families stayed together more!” Inane comments such as those should expose the lack of intelligence and character of the people who make them, but too many are invested in believing stereotypical bullshite…I guess life is easier that way? I don’t get it. Frankly, I’m glad I don’t!

Here’s a story that is completely unrelated, obviously, but it goes back to the little ways people can protect their ballots and votes. I have written-in votes on my ballot, simply because I couldn’t decide between candidates, or because one ran uncontested and had no competition, or because I don’t agree with their stances, or all of the above. Suffice it to say, I have never turned in an incomplete ballot. Here’s a local incident which illustrates why you should NEVER leave a blank option! I’m surprised that they aren’t charging the woman in the story with mail fraud as well – then again, I guess I shouldn’t be. White woman’s tears, combined with the “I was on medication and didn’t know what I was doing” excuse, will guarantee a slap on the wrist for the scurrilous broad!

Digressing…pardon me while I puke. I can’t say that I’m surprised by the latest shite out of Florida, and there’s nothing more I can add that hasn’t already been said. Another colour-aroused racist has murdered a young Black man in cold blood, after an unnecessary confrontation instigated by the murderer. The so-called ‘news sources’ didn’t broadcast this as loudly as other things are blasted, did they? I didn’t see word one about this incident when it first broke! Yeah, we live in a ‘post-racial society’, don’t we?!?  🙄

Also, what’s going on in the heads of those lottery winners who want EVERYBODY to know who they are? If I ever came into an enormous sum of monies as that, I’d vanish…money can certainly buy privacy if it’s spent well – here is an extreme example of what can happen when you choose to trust the wrong type of person. Unreal…

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  1. Herneith
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 12:33:25

    I remember visiting my friend in Chicago. Anyhow, I took a taxi from the subway as I thought I may have been going the wrong way. The cab driver informed me that I should ‘watch’ myself, especially at night as the area, ‘Rogers Park’, can be dangerous(what place doesn’t have that possibility after dark to varying degrees?). I informed him that I came from a similar neighbourhood in Toronto which was also a diverse, mixed income neighbourhood. I also informed him that I had been there before and been out late and even took my friend’s dog to the lake front for a walk late at night. In other words, “you needn’t worry sir, but thanks for your concern”. He appeared to be surprised. Bad neighbourhoods is one of the code words whites use when referring to what they think are neighbourhoods with predominantly black or other racialized people. they totally disregard the predominately white trash ones, they are just economically depressed. The intruder was probably some one from the neighbourhood perhaps a youth looking to score money for drugs in that scenario at the beginning of your post.

    inbred, white-trash fucktard

    Are you sure you are not Canadian? You curse just like I do. Fucktard and fuck wit, are amongst my favourite curse words!

    No, the fact remains that even the supposedly ritzy-titsy areas of ‘lily-white-ville’ are bastions of criminal activity – activities which largely go ignored and unreported, solely because they ARE lily-white, homogenous ‘burbs!

    This is it in a nutshell. The rich whites, have their on dealers who do not rub elbows with the ‘street dealer’. They have their own suppliers and distributors. They don’t even go to jail when caught, and are given first, second, third, and fourth chances before they are incarcerated or they have to literally be caught with copious amounts of drugs on them.

    (due to the racist housing laws which remained on the books until the late 1960s),

    Canada had similar ‘covenants’ until recently (50Years), now the whites just move when the ‘nigroes’ or other ‘non-Whites’ move in. There is a trend now where a lot of the whites are moving back ‘downtown’ and taking over neighbourhood which were economically and racially diverse. The original inhabitants cannot afford to live there anymore. Another example of racism, covert of course. If you were to accuse these stunts of such, they would deny it on their parent’s grave. Whites are probably the biggest consumers of illicit drug on a per ratio basis than any other group, yet they demonize blacks and others for this behaviour. These white pieces of shit enjoy denigrating black folk as it makes them feel better about themselves and the privileges they have.

    Canada is not the land of ‘tolerance’ that many Canadians like to project, they are not as overt in there racism but are racist nonetheless. My ongoing case and studies are illustrative of this. Lastly, you cannot make the shit up you just posted on! This is what make these news stories both comical and scary at the same time, scary because they are ‘real’. What planet were these clowns born on anyway? As for that murderous inbred fuck down in Florida(why ain’t I surprised?), he should be gut shot and made to die in his own shit as my granny would say.

    • sepultura13
      Dec 03, 2012 @ 14:40:14

      LOL – I think my Alaskan upbringing is responsible for my flowery language! I swear like a sailor because I’m a proper pirate, I reckon! 😎

      Canada had similar ‘covenants’ until recently (50Years), now the whites just move when the ‘nigroes’ or other ‘non-Whites’ move in. There is a trend now where a lot of the whites are moving back ‘downtown’ and taking over neighbourhood which were economically and racially diverse. The original inhabitants cannot afford to live there anymore.

      It’s happening in Portland, Oregon, as we speak. The ‘gentrification’ of those areas has displaced many people and continues to do so – it’s shameful.

  2. sepultura13
    Dec 03, 2012 @ 14:34:20

    He says the Lucifer saved he life so that he may tell his story. Yeah it does happen in your neighborhood and in fact, it mostly happens in your neighborhood.

    You hit the nail on the head! That’s exactly what I thought when she spouted her shite: “It almost ALWAYS happens in your neighbourhood!!!”

    As to your declaration of ‘love’, I’ll simply say this…”You say that to ALL the girls!” 😀

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