Best. News. Ever.

YES!  One less douchebag in the fucking world today!

“Died unexpectedly of ‘natural’ causes”?  At 43?  Sure. I believe that like I believe the soap-opera bullshit that many bloggers are passing off as real-life events.

Sounds like Herr Breitbart was involved in his shitty shenanigans because he had personal stuff of his own to hide. That is how those types operate, after all.

In case anyone has forgotten, this guy was the darling of Glenn Beck’s paranoid conspiracy-theory-based shit-show and he crowed to the world how he supposedly exposed racism in the U.S. government by airing a heavily-edited clip of Shirley Sherrod at an NAACP conference.

She lost her job because of his lies. She was reinstated after the deceit came to light, but it shows how easy it is for any white person to get a non-white fired from any position at any company with no questions asked.  That happened to me.

Yes, I celebrate the deaths of some people, and why not? Good riddance to a waste of skin, space, and oxygen.

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