No Offense, but…

Guess what.  I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think of me.  If you’re not a friend, family member, or the one signing my paycheck, then I don’t give a fuck.  Even if  you ARE in one or more of the aforementioned groups, there’s a 50/50 chance that I don’t give a shit – perhaps because you’ve treated me in a shabby manner, or maybe you’ve dismissed me one time to many and I’ve finally said “I’m DONE!” internally.

For the most part, I don’t truck with labels.  Will I throw them around at random?  Of course I will.  When people label others on a regular basis, without bothering to know anything personal about them, I’m inspired to throw their words back in their faces and use the same stupid excuses to justify it.  I will also place my own labels on people who seem to be sorry excuses for human beings, or pathetic wastes of space, skin, hair and air.  For instance, Casey Anthony – that one is a murdering slut who was so jealous of her own daughter that she killed her, dumped her body, then lied to anyone and everyone about what had happened.  Of course, being white, she got away with it and is now free to live her “beautiful life” child-free.

When people post stupid comments on blogs or news sites, I generally let them pass – as I’ve stated to many people, I prefer face-to-face debates, unless it’s with some conversation hog/verbal bully who refuses to let others speak!  Those people can’t deal with the fact that others just MIGHT disagree with them, but they don’t want to hear an intelligent response.  It’s the equivalent of sticking fingers in ears like a child throwing a tantrum, and screaming “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA – I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!”  Sometimes, though, I see a stupid statement and just have to retort…no, let me say that accurately: I CHOOSE to retort!  I CHOOSE to sink to someone else’s level and say stupid shit, too!  It must be fun and feel good, because so many people do it so often, LOL – basically, though, if you don’t like something I say, that’s fine – we can agree to disagree.  On the same note, if you think you need to try to call me out over it, I will either respond in a brusque manner, or not at all.  I don’t have time to argue with someone who thinks that posting assloads of links is a valid means of communicating with me.  Ask a direct question if you REALLY want an answer.  Otherwise, don’t waste my time.  You may not have better things to do, but guess what – I DO.

Another thing – if you have a problem with me, have the guts to say so to my face!  Don’t talk shit behind my back, especially if you’ve NEVER ONCE attempted to talk to me or gotten to know me in any way, shape or form.  I have no patience for shit-talkers – those types are the ones who need a nice, solid, direct punch in the face – and if I had my way, I’d do so in a second, with no warning whatsoever.  Then as they sit with a broken, bleeding nose, I would look them directly in the eye and say, “NOW you have a reason to despise me, you craven, cowardly cockroach!!”  I prefer to use words, personally, but sometimes my fists have had to speak loudly – when one can’t comprehend polysyllabic sentences, they need a smack upside the head as an attention-getter.

Aaaahhh…this was cathartic!  Definitely necessary.

Ta-ta for now…screw the IM/email shorthand, I have no patience for that type of laziness either!


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