Commenting: Blogs vs. News sites

I love to read, and do so. A LOT.  I enjoy reading blogs of others, and I keep up on local, national, and international topics.  Because of this, I notice a lot of different comments in many different places.  I wonder at times who makes the comment policies, and how they determine which comments they choose to publish – or, choose to remove after one has been published!  As a person who peruses a number of different websites and blogs, I see many different commenters – sometimes I’ll see the same commenter on multiple sites, or making multiple comments on one specific story.  I think it’s funny when people carry on conversations via comments, as if they’re sitting at a bar or attending a sports game together – I always figure, if they’re such good buddies, why don’t they exchange emails and carry on their conversations in that fashion?  Or, are they the egotistical type who feels that EVERYONE simply MUST read their FASCINATING dialogue, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic or news story at hand?  It’s a mystery…

I began this post some time ago, because I’ve noticed that sometimes my comments aren’t published on a specific blog or news site, or the comment gets deleted after being up for a few minutes, even though I haven’t broken any of the comment policies.  I make a point to read up on commenting policies so that I don’t overstep any bounds, but that seems to matter little to whatever powers I inadvertently offend.  However, I’ve also notice commenters who break the commenting rules time and time again, yet they aren’t banned.  If and when they are banned, it seems to be after months of their shenanigans – it isn’t an immediate action.  Then, those same people are suddenly missed by the same people who complained about them in the first place!  Go figure, eh?

Sometimes people go on the warpath via commenting – I’ve been verbally attacked for a fairly innocuous statement at times; I have no problem defending myself from rabid morons, but if a site specifially states that personal attacks aren’t allowed, then why is the original attacker not warned?  Why jump on my case for rightfully defending myself?  I guess I’m not a ‘popular’ commenter because I don’t kiss ass.  Ass-kissing seems to be the way others gain friends or support.  Me, I never learned how – I like to let my attributes speak for themselves.  If you like me, great!  If not – oh well!  Life’s too short to worry about impressing shallow, pedantic, remedial people, no?



‘Reality’ television

For the most part, I can’t stand so-called ‘reality’ television shows.  There is very little that is real about them, nor do they adequately portray real-life situations.  This, of course, is what television is all about – it isn’t real.  The shows vary by channel, but are generally heavily edited, because real life is not as exciting or dazzling as what is shown on the ‘idiot box’.  Even news programs seem to be more about ‘info-tainment’ than reporting real, in-depth, well-investigated stories.  Instead, we are inundated with extremely biased news stories, being read off of teleprompters by plastic-looking people.  The headlines seem to be more designed for shock value; an enticement for people to stay tuned in to their station, because only they have the REAL, latest details of a story!

I don’t know off-hand if Survivor was before American Idol, or vice versa – and I really don’t care to look it up either; I’m sure there are many fans of one or both shows out there who have the exact timeline of their inception, and this post isn’t directly about that.  When Survivor initially came out, I admit I was intrigued – I thought, “hey, a show about surviving in the wilderness…that sounds interesting!”  I changed my mind immediately after watching the first 10 minutes of the original pilot episode – it had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SURVIVAL AT ALL!!  It was just a gawddamned popularity contest with a whole lot of backstabbing and treachery going on!  Not to mention the obvious fact that each show always takes place on some island in or near the tropics, so it gives the female ‘contestants’ the excuse to parade around nearly nude.  I always wonder why the men never shed their clothes as fast as the women do, unless they happen to be some fat, hairy, sloppy, disgustingly out-of-shape guy!

Another program that leaves me shaking my head is that gawdawful Toddlers & Tiaras show – I watched a couple of episodes because my curiosity got the best of me while I was channel-surfing one day.  Why do people think that subjecting their little girls to this sort of nonsense, instilling in them the notion that the only value they have is their looks and physical beauty, is a good thing?  It borders on abuse, in my not-so-humble opinion – overweight, borderline obsessive-compulsive, perfectionistic mothers making ridiculous demands on children as young as 2 and 3 years old.  Pathetic.  I saw a clip the other day of some 3-year-old girl doing an extremely inappropriate dance; I think it was originally on The View, and had been re-aired on Conan or The Daily Show.  She was singing about being called “Cutie Patootie” and “Look at my booty!”  It was wrong on very many levels!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some shows that I do like, and watch on a regular basis.  Hell’s Kitchen is one; Kitchen Nightmares is another.  I also like the Iron Chef competition on Food Network, but I prefer the original Japanese show to the new American one.  Still, the American one is entertaining at least, and I love the dishes the chefs prepare!  It’s like watching a sculptor carve a statue or a painter create a masterpiece – food preparation is an art form in its own right.  I have an appreciation of haute cuisine and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, but I’ll admit that my fiancee is much more creative in that regard, so he does most of the cooking – I basically have my own personal chef, LOL

Back to reality shows – in the past, I watched Cops and Animal Cops, but those shows invariably depressed me so I quit watching them.  Hoarders is another one that I can only stand bits and pieces of.  I have a background in psychology and I cringe at the so-called ‘experts’ they bring in to assist the hoarders with their messes.  Sometimes, one has to hit rock bottom to realize that they need help, and coddling them isn’t the proper means of doing so!

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