Hell YEAH!!!

Poster for Hell On Earth Tour 2011

Concert.  Friday, 8/5/2011.  Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon.  Exodus, Slayer, and Rob Zombie.  It was a head-banging, fist-pumping, foot-stomping, full-frontal audio-visual assault of face-melting metal!!!  I’d been waiting for years to see the Zombie-Man in concert, and it was well worth the wait – I was not disappointed in the least, and the show was everything I expected it to be!  I envied the people slam-dancing in the mosh pit; I wanted to be down amongst my fellow freakazoids in the middle of the slamming, punching, whirling and jumping.  Unfortunately, a knee sprain kept me from getting down and dirty – I didn’t want to impede the healing process, or re-injure it worse than it had been, so I stayed safe in my seat above the human maelstrom – but, in my head, I was down there with them all and enjoying the craziness!  I was looking damned good, if I do say so myself – decked out in a tight, midriff-baring top with cutaway sleeves that showed just enough cleavage to avoid looking slutty; tight black shorts, red-and-black striped tights a la the Wicked Witch of the West, black leather boots, and a nice long, lightweight crocheted ‘duster’ style sweater.  Got a few compliments, I can tell you that!

The show was impressive.  I’ll admit to going mainly to see Rob Zombie, but seeing Slayer and Exodus was a grand bonus!  Exodus and Slayer relied mainly on their own powerhouse vocals and instruments, along with fog machines and lights to punctuate the mayhem.  Rob Zombie had the most visual show out of the three – smoke and fog billowing, flames blasting, robots creeping and lurching across the stage, and massive screens displaying images of violence and nudity to keep the blood boiling…it was deliciously brutal!  Metal the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

I shelled out $70 for two t-shirts but didn’t have to buy beer – some friends of mine that we met there chipped in for the suds, but beer at any public venue leaves a lot to be desired, unless you happen to be at a Brew Fest of some sort!  Plenty of ale awaited us when we got home, so it was all good – I slipped into dreams of motorcycles and music…those are sweet dreams in my book, LOL

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