Topics: What I Observe

Well, it looks like I’ve done 16 posts to date!  What a milestone, eh?  I was going to wait until I’d reached 20 postings to post about what inspires me to write a post in the first place, but what the hell – now’s as good a time as any!

My goal is to publish at least one posting per week; two would be a good number, and three would mean that I had a lot to say about too many things, LOL
My inspirations are as follows: Personal observations and/or events, or news or other happenings, whether they’re local, national, or international.  For instance, here’s a story about an incident of elder abuse in Gluboky, Russia:

I generally start a draft of the topic I plan to publish, but I have frequent interruptions on a daily basis, so I’ll jot down some of the main points I wish to focus on.  Currently, I have five topics in the rough-draft hole but haven’t chosen one to publish next – I’ll figure that out when I look at them again and see which one I have the strongest feelings about.  I’d do a poll but I don’t have enough readers, and nobody wants to comment because I’m vigilant about spam!  I take an all-or-nothing approach with most things.  So far, I’ve fielded 3 comments – all of them spam adverts – so I see no reason to change my policy.  I’d rather spend my time posting topics, not going through comments and deleting half of them for one reason or another.

I just scanned the news online and there are a couple of headlines that have jumped out, so time to do a few more drafts and cull the less-interesting ones.  Stay tuned, dear readers!


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