Last Week Tonight: Saudi Arabia

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John puts the focus on Saudi Arabia and the uncomfortably close relationship between that country and the USA.

For decades, administrations have been turning a blind eye to the human rights violations that Saudi Arabia blatantly perpetrates. It all comes down to money, proving that a good number of people will do the most horrific things to others for a little bit of cabbage.

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Five On Friday: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2018 (Re-blogged)

The list of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees for 2019 was released earlier this week. I’m re-blogging these five songs from my favourite 2018 winners.

Eyrie Of An Aries

For today’s “Five on Friday” post I decided to play one song each from my top five artists who were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year. Choosing one good song from these talented people was difficult, but I managed to narrow it down.


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Three Songs on Thursday (Re-blogged)

Another busy week and upcoming weekend socializing calls for a re-blog of awesome tuneage.

Samantha Bee’s show will be pushed aside until after the MLB playoffs and World Series is over, so “Full Frontal Thursday” installments will return at that time.

Whenever that is, LOL


Eyrie Of An Aries

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Jimmy Vivino & the Basic Cable Band

Conan O’Brien will be changing his show’s format from an hour to a half-hour. Sadly, this means that Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band will no longer be opening for him.

That sucks. Conan is clearly unhappy about it, and he isn’t alone.

I got a little choked up when I saw it on television the other day. I hope that Jimmy and the band stick together and go places. They’re awesome – kudos to them.

Tuesday Tuneage: Lunatic Fringe

This song is a perfect description for the coast-to-coast upheaval occurring in this country. We are certainly living through interesting times.


Last Week Tonight: Brazilian Elections

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John talks about the presidential election in Brazil. Looks like that country is ready to have its own version of the Drumpf steering them off of the nearest cliff.

Celebratory Sunday

I’m celebrating my 8-year blog-o-versary by sharing some screen-shots and music on this wet, rainy Sunday. I’ve been doing my live-streaming on a more regular schedule as well, so head on over to my Twitch channel to watch the fun!


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