Friday Fun Time!!! 2 December 2016

I needed to bring the smile back to my face, and I am – especially since the faint-hearted and feeble-minded ones are unfollowing me! I don’t need or want the bad sort of stalkers, so it’s good that they’re going away. The only stalkers that I like are the ones on my ‘friends’ lists!

Anyway, this post is strictly and solely for my own amusement…so don’t you dare laugh! Don’t do it…don’t crack a smile or anything! You’d better not laugh, damnit! DON’T LAUGH, I SAY!!!



Dr. Buffalo Tom Peabody always has the cure for what ails me…I love this!😄

Buffalo Tom Peabody's blog 2


I hope you enjoy my new series!






Your best friend,
Dr. Buffalo Tom


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I moderate all comments for this exact reason…I always have, and I always will!
I’m standing with my fiery-spirited Sister on this…racists, trolls, and dumb mutha-fuckas BEGONE!👿

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit

This is a direct response to a nasty comment made on one of my previous posts. I am not a nice person when somebody says or writes the wrong things so things are about to get ugly. Real Ugly!!  You May STOP Reading Now.

As Creator and Moderator of this blog I reserve the right to call out any stupid, racist, sexist, dumb ass or ageist comments.  I recently ReBlogged a post about an All Black Cowgirls Team. Anyone who has an ounce of good sense and a knowledge of racist American History should know why Black people in this country need and must have All Black Teams, Events, Organizations, Groups etc….. There has rarely been and given the upcoming administration will be any societies, organizations, groups, etc… where Blacks are or will be seen as equals. We’ve been having this battle for 400 years and even through the eight…

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LEGO Cars: Artist Recreates Classic Vehicles in Everyones Favourite Bricks

LOL – I love these! You can’t go wrong with classic cars and LEGOs…😎



In the hours 41-year-old Ralph Savelsberg is not working as a physicist for the Dutch Ministry of Defence, he is recreating classic vehicles in everyones favourite bricks.

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Civil Rights Activist Dorothy Height to Be Honored on 2017 U.S. Postage Stamp

Here’s some good news to start the day and weekend off right…awesome!😎


Dorothy Height U.S. postal stamp, 2017. Dorothy Height U.S. postal stamp, 2017. BLACK HERITAGE: DOROTHY HEIGHT STAMP IMAGE © 2016 UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

article via

The U.S. Postal Service just announced civil rights leader Dorothy Height will be honored as the 40th stamp in the Black Heritage Forever series. The painting of Height is based on based on a 2009 photograph shot by Lateef Mangum. Art director Derry Noyes designed the stamp.

Height was a tireless activist who dedicated her life to fighting for racial and gender equality. She lived a remarkable life that was in service to her community but African-American women in particular. Although she rarely gained the recognition granted her male contemporaries, she became one of the most influential civil rights leaders of the 20th century. She was the president of the National Council of Negro Women for forty years and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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Thursday Thoughts…1 December 2016

I’m still brain-fried from NaNoWriMo and that lovely seasonal depression is threatening…I just feel very *meh* about everything for no particular reason. So, here’s some music. Enjoy.

Blind Man

I never think that what I write gets noticed…I’m glad to be proved wrong. Thank you for the honourable mention, Sheldon! It means a lot.😎

Here’s the song again, just because – it’s a good one.

Sheldon Kleeman


My friend and fellow blogger

Sepultura13,is always reblogging my

Work  and I would like to honor for

The kindness that is shared

My friends blog is

Ramon Ramblings; Myriad Musings

Please go and check it out

They had something on their blog

The other day that had reminded

Me I had done something like this

I wrote this quite some time ago

It’s my take on Harry Nilssons

“Everybody’s Talkin At Me”

So without further a do

Alfonso drum roll


You are talkin down to me

Not talkin to me

In a tone I’ve heard

But not from you

Your words are bouncing

Off my walls

Yet nothing seems to stick

We were once friends

Now we are as distant as

The tone I am hearing

Your mind can’t comprehend

The words that are


Out your mouth

All I hear is jealousy

We were players on the same…

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Advertisements from long, long ago — holiday edition

LOL – since we’re now inundated with “seasonal” advertisements…why not a few more?😄

bluebird of bitterness

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Mother “Y”

Yes, yes, and yes…very true words, here.

Sheldon Kleeman


How do you resolve your difference

When you have lived with them all of your life

How do you look at LIFE with open eyes

When those who gave you life

Closed their eyes when they looked at YOU

There comes a point where you must

Leave all your troubles behind

And look into Life with your eyes

Being a child who was told no

For all the wrong reasons

You become that no and

Look for people who you

Know will tell you no

There comes a point where

You must leave all your troubles………

Open your eyes to life

While leaving

all the no’s


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I love owls…I have yet to see one in the wild! Beautiful photos, here…thank you, Cindy!🙂

Observant owls prefer to watch,

and not be seen.
At twilight we sing, muted duets.
They swoop close, ruffling my hair.

Letting me know they see me clearly,

as I go slowly blind in the deepening dusk.
Cheers to you from the all seeing owls~

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